How To Properly Pack Jewelry for Shipping

Shipping jewelry and traveling with it have always been stressful. Not only that it has financial and emotional value, but it is tiny, prone to theft, and can easily get damaged. Ring boxes are easily recognizable, necklaces get tangled, and gems can fall off in transit, but don’t worry.

We listed the best tips and tricks for packing jewelry. So, whether you are an individual traveling or a business owner shipping the jewelry to your customers – all of these ideas can work for you.

We have worked on a list of things to help you pack jewelry safely but on a budget. Here are some sustainable and eco-friendly ways to ship and travel with jewelry.

Choose a Shipping Company Wisely

When shipping high-value items, especially if you are an online business, ensure that you are working with a reputable company. There are many shipping providers, but there are not a lot of those who specialize in high-value transit.

Unival Logistics is a safe bet when shipping expensive jewelry because they use state-of-the-art tracking technology and offer great insurance. Not to mention that they work with respectable carriers and offer logistic options so that you can choose the optimal one.

Dos and Don’ts when Packing Jewelry

Whether you’re packing precious metals or colorful handmade jewelry, it is essential to pack them right, so they don’t get stolen or damaged. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive ways to get them ready for transport.

We’ll go over the most crucial advice for businesses who sell jewelry online, want to keep their reputation clean, and don’t want to lose their money on damaged and lost bundles. Here are some ways to protect your business while shipping jewelry.

Pack It Tightly – Conceal and Seal

Layering is essential when it comes to packing jewelry. Wrap a piece of it into a bubble wrap, and put it in a small box. But don’t stop there, because small boxes attract the attention of mal intended people working in shipping.

Conceal the box’s content by wrapping it and putting it in a larger box. After you’re sure the packaging doesn’t reveal that you are shipping expensive items, seal it with tape.

You can use the branded packaging on the initial box, but make sure that what you send off doesn’t show any signs of luxury and that it’s not easy to put away. 

Drop Box Is a No, but Signature Is a Yes

When sipping your expensive items, staying on top of the bundle as much as possible is better to prevent theft or loss. For example, it’s better not to use a simple door-to-door drop-out.

When you have worked with the shipping company for a while and trust them, you can relax a bit. But always, no matter what, demand the Sign upon delivery option, which requires the autograph of the receiver.

This option will prevent the front door theft of the bundle. Believe it or not, the number of front door thefts is increasing yearly. 

Insurance and Tracking

Getting insurance and tracking when shipping high-value items is common sense, not only because you can lose money but because it can also help you safeguard your reputation. All carriers are obligated to include carrier liability, which could work for you if you send a kid’s toy or a piece of clothing.

However, a high-value item requires full-value insurance. The fact that many carriers offer insurance measured by the weight or size of the bundle does not bode well for jewelers.

Ultimately, you want your product protected during the shipping process and your money protected in case something does happen. A tracking service helps you feel in control of the bundle’s journey. Plus, the chances of saving it from loss or theft are more significant if you notice that it’s stuck at one checkpoint for a longer time.

Most companies use barcode scanners, but some specialize in high-value shipping – they use door-to-door tracking. Depending on the item you’re shipping, you can check the conditions it is in – the temperature, the force on it, and many other factors.

Shipping Multiple Jewelry Pieces

Now we covered standard advice for jewelry shipping, but there are DIY ideas that will help you transfer your treasures safely and on a budget. When shipping one item, it’s easy to pack it tight and safely.

However, creating a bundle of multiple jewelry pieces can be troublesome. Precious stones can be scratched; some metals tarnish when touching each other, and necklaces can get severely tangled.

There are hundreds of ideas on the internet on creative jewelry storage, but not all work for shipping. Here are some ideas to protect your precious metals while being creative and unique.

Leather Pouch

Tiny leather bags, which you can easily make at home is a great way to stand out as a small business. It is also a great way to ship earrings, rings, bracelets, and other items which are not easily tangled.

You can pack each piece in a separate pouch and ship them together after wrapping them in bubble wrap.

Buttons for Earings

This cute solution for shipping earrings will help your customers remember you as a resourceful and creative company. It works for individuals as well.

If you are a business, you can use just regular buttons or have them designed to carry your logo and brand. There are numerous options, but each button can carry at least two pairs of earrings.

You can then pack it in a leather pouch to protect the earring from scratches and proceed with the layering process.

Safety Pins and Carabiners

Safety pins and carabiners offer a great way to ship a great number of items at once. However, before locking a piece of jewelry onto a carabiner, make sure to put a saran or bubble wrap around it, so as not to get damaged.

Zip Lock Bags

Zip lock bags will work great as a pouch, it is low-cost, protects the item, and you can stuff it with protective material for added safety.

Straws for Necklaces

If you are selling expensive necklaces, you will make sure to ship them in special boxes, with padding and a luxurious appearance. However, if you are a small business selling costume jewelry you wouldn’t want to spend more money on packaging than on your product.

Still, you want your item to arrive well and not tangled at its destination. Using a straw is a great way to keep your necklaces separated. Just take one side of a necklace and thread it through a straw hole. Clasp the two sides together and there you have it – a tangling protector.

Extra Tips for Shipping High-Value Items

Shipping high-value items such as jewelry is without a doubt risky. However, in this day and age, it is inevitable that jewelry stores transform into online retail. People will expect fast service, one-day shipping, and many more options.

Fast delivery is great in some ways, but it creates more opportunities for mistakes and overlooked issues. So, find a responsible carrier who you can trust, and always put your items’ safety above fast delivery.

By Manali