Best Haircuts for Receding Hairlines

Are you in the early stages of hair loss or male patterned baldness? The right haircuts and hairstyles can improve your appearance. Hairline tattoos are also able to help improve the appearance of your hair, too. 

Here are the top nine haircuts and hairstyles for receding hairlines. If you don’t see a haircut or style you like, hair tattoos are also an option for you. 

1. Slick it Back

Slicking back your hair is one way to achieve a look that doesn’t highlight the appearance of a receding hairline. You’ll want longer hair on the top of your head and shorter hair around the sides and back.

Take a gel or pomade and comb your hair towards the back of your head. You can give your hair some volume, or you can keep it close to your head. 

2. Wear it Messy

Wearing your hair messy doesn’t necessarily have to look sloppy. Keep a clean, tight cut on the sides of your head and let the hair grow longer on the top of your head. You can style a messy look so your hair is styled forward just a little bit to hide your hairline

3. Get a High Fade

Most men choose to go with a high fade when they notice a receding hairline. Military men refer to this cut as “high and tight.” The hair around the sides of the head is kept very short and fades into the longer hair on the top of the head.  This haircut works best for men just beginning to notice a receding hairline.  

4. Crew Cut

A crew cut is a median between a high fade and a buzz cut. This cut is great if you want to transition from a shorter cut to a longer cut with a messy style. Hair on the top of the head is kept longer than the sides. With this cut, you can spike your hair or give it direction with styling gel.  

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5. Cop a Hawk

It might come as a surprise, but a mohawk or faux hawk could be the haircut you’re looking for if you want to lessen the look of a receding hairline. Both of these cuts use the hair on the top of the head and reduce the appearance of the hair on the sides of the head.


If you opt for a mohawk, the hair on the sides and back of your head will be shaved. This cut lessens the look of any bald spots that aren’t on the top and center of your head. Grow out the strip of hair on the top and center of your head from the forehead to the nape of your neck. You can add volume and length to your hair, too.

Faux Hawk

If you aren’t ready to have the sides of your head shaved, but like the idea of a mohawk, try a faux hawk. A faux hawk keeps the strip of hair running along the centerline of your head longer. The remaining hair on the sides of your head is kept buzzed. The width of the faux hawk is usually slightly wider than a mohawk, too. 

6. Comb it Over

Similar to a slicked-back style, you could go for a comb-over. With a comb-over, start with your natural part line, then comb your hair towards the opposite side of your head. You may choose to buzz or fade the hair on the sides of your head or leave it longer. Skip this haircut if your hair is too thin up top to avoid hair stringy in appearance.

7. Opt for an Undercut

Most men who choose a comb-over or other hairstyle with longer hair on the top of the head choose an undercut. An undercut is where the hair on the sides and back of their head is buzzed all one length. Skipping the buzz altogether and shaving the hair completely off is an option, too. 

8. Go for a Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts were made popular by the military because they can be easily maintained. A short or long buzz cut looks clean and stylish. You can choose which length you want based on your comfort level. 

If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and have your hair cut close to your head, try a long buzz. Long buzz cuts are great for men in the early stages of a noticeable receding hairline. 

As your hairline continues to recede, you should consider a short buzz cut. Short buzz cuts keep the hair tight to the head without going completely bald or clean shaved. 

Buzz cuts, long or short, are the perfect haircut if you want to get a hairline tattoo. Hairline tattoos can improve the look of the thickness of your hair or create a stronger-looking hairline. 

9. Try a Clean Shave

If you’re self-conscious about your hairline or don’t want to constantly style a longer look, you can always choose a classic clean shave. Bald spots and receding hairlines aren’t noticeable when all of your hair is shaved off. You can ease into this hairstyle by starting with a buzz cut.

Hairline Tattoos Improve Appearance of Receding Hairlines

Thinning hairlines can be difficult to out-style. Hairline tattoos are a great solution for improving the look of a receding or thinning hairline. You don’t have to be bald to enjoy the look of a hair tattoo. Hair tattoos can decrease your styling time, improve your appearance, and boost your confidence.

By Manali