Indian ladies typically dress in sarees. Due to their prominence in the fashion industry, silk sarees have become popular with women worldwide, regardless of their style of wearing. India is home to the finest selection of silk sarees in the world, which are suitable for weddings and other special occasions and come in various designs and colors.

The history of India’s well-known silk sarees

Muga Silk Sarees: One of the most well-known Assamese traditional garments. The Garo community produced in Assam using silkworms fed the fragrant leaves of the Soalu and Som plants. They are well known for their enduring natural yellowish-gold hue. It takes 7 to 10 days to weave a Muga silk saree. 

Paat Silk Sarees: Also called Pat Silk or Mulberry Silk, the fabric is made by silkworms that eat mulberry leaves. These sarees were initially made of white or off-white color. Still, they are now also offered in a variety of vibrant hues.

Banarasi Silk Sarees: Banarasi silk sarees from Banaras or Varanasi are renowned for their exquisite patterns and elaborate appearance. These sarees use silver and gold zari threads while hand-weaving beautiful floral or other designs. There are four types: georgette, shattir, organza, and pure silk (Katan). Depending on the pattern, weaving a Banarsi saree could take anywhere from 15 days to 6 months.

Eri Silk Sarees: Also referred to as “poor man’s silk.” These are created when silkworms are fed castor oil plant material. Short Eri silk threads are less glossy and have a rougher feel than longer silk threads.

Art Silk Sarees: Synthetic fibers that resemble silk are used to create artificial silk, commonly referred to as bamboo silk. The base of art silk fibers is nylon, polyester, or rayon. The fabric is less expensive and more slippery than natural silk.

Why Silk Sarees?

Our nation’s weddings are renowned for their lavish pre- and post-wedding celebrations. Every occasion is an opportunity to show off your love for ethnic tradition by wearing stunning silk sarees. You can wear chiffon or silk handloom Banarasi saree for morning rituals because they are both elegant and portable. Try Banarasi Silk sarees in vibrant, bold hues to be the stunningly gorgeous bride you were always intended to be.

Designers offer a variety of wedding silk sarees as bridal clothing, and they help the bride choose the ideal one to keep in her lifetime memories. Due to the tireless efforts of contemporary designers, pure silk sarees have evolved from straightforward traditional costumes to modern and fashionable garments. Women are more drawn to and enthusiastic about the new saree additions made by the world’s best fashion designers today.


Particularly in India, weddings are known for their lavish ceremonies and numerous customs. Wedding silk sarees are exquisitely crafted for brides and are styled to express the bride’s personality.

As wedding season is around the corner, start picking and choosing the best pure silk sarees from the nearest store. Thanks to technology, silk sarees online shopping are also available on various platforms. Just select your favorite silk sarees online with stores like Taneira and get a pocket-friendly transaction.

By Manali