Most people think a lot about protecting their hair through routine trims, loose updos, and heat protection before styling, but pay little to no attention to how they sleep with their hair. Protecting your hair when sleeping can be a challenge. If you have, at some point, wake up to tangled hair that you can’t even comb through, you probably understand the struggle.

When sleeping, you should protect your hair from breakage and other damage. You also want to pay attention to your hair restoration. That is why Dallas hair braiding is a recommended protective hairstyle for sleeping. 

Let’s look at the benefits of braids as a hairstyle when going to bed;

1. Seals in Moisture

Hair generally loses moisture when you sleep. The moisture could go into the air or soak up into your bedding. Braids lock in moisture in your hair strands through their overlapping form. Your hair will remain moisturized longer, which keeps breakage at bay when combing. 

2. Prevents Hair Breakage

It’s normal to toss and turn in bed when sleeping. While this occurs naturally, you may not realize that your hair pulls during the turning and could break. Dallas hair braiding reduces friction during tossing, which means less breakage. The hair, at the same time, remains tamed with fewer tangles and snarls. A silk pillowcase is best for little to no friction. 

3. It Keeps Your Face Clean

Long hair often comes into contact with the face when sleeping, which can result in ugly breakouts considering the gunk and dirt your hair collects. The sebum produced in the scalp is also another cause of acne. Thanks to braids that keep all hair pulled back and far away from your face, you don’t have to worry about a breakout. 

4. No Need for Heat 

We all admire soft and wavy natural hair that doesn’t need heating to make it beautiful. While not all types of hair can achieve this Dallas hair braiding, it will add a smooth touch and texture to the hair. It is very hard for braids to damage the hair like excessive heat would do. 

Best Ways to Braid Hair Before Sleeping

As simple as braiding is, there are specific rules that you need to follow to get its full benefits. Here are some basic rules;

1. Braid each chuck to the end. Having lots of unbraided ends in your hair defeats the purpose of hair protection when sleeping. You may end up with tangled ends in the morning, which can lead to breakage. 

2. Keep your braids loose. Tightly braided hair puts pressure on the roots, which can be uncomfortable.

3. Add some moisturizing, nourishing oil. Adding a drop of oil before braiding the hair generally boosts its health. 


Dallas hair braiding is an excellent protective hairstyle when going to bed. It essentially keeps your hair moisturized and prevents breakage. It is one of the best ways to have wavy locks instead of tangles and snarls. Ensure you follow the basic rules, like keeping them loose and braiding them to the end, to enjoy their full benefits. 

By Manali