Sweets are an integral part of Indian wedding menus. Many Indian desserts are made from milk or milk solids and they are known with different names in different parts of the country, the ingredients may also differ according to the region. Here is a list of sweets which are popular in North Indian weddings:

  1. Ladoo – This is perhaps the most well known Indian sweet and usually ladoos of Besan or Boondi are included in the wedding menu.However, there are other varieties of ladoo like Udad ka ladoo which are lesser known but which are requested by some families for their weddings.
  1. Jalebi – Jalebi is yet another popular Indian sweet which is served at weddings. Some people prefer doodh jalebi which is served with hot milk during breakfast.
  1. Rasmalai – Rasmalai is a Bengali sweet but it is liked in North India too, it is made by using rasgulla and milk. Since rasmalai may get spoiled due to high temperature, it is also preferred in the winter season. Rasmalai is garnished with dry fruits which also adds flavour to it.
  1. Ghevar – Ghevar is a traditional Rajasthani sweet. It is a round disk shaped sweet which is made using flour and it is suitable for all seasons. Malai ghevar is usually included in North Indian wedding menus during winter season.
  1. Makhan Bada – Makhan Bada is also a Rajasthani sweet which is prepared using maida and sugar syrup. This is also a lesser known sweet, so if you want to surprise your guests with a new variety of sweet, it could be a perfect choice for you.

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