Many couples want to get married in a Royal fashion in Udaipur, while some of the real palatial properties are available in Udaipur for wedding, there are only very few of them and they are available at very high price. However, if you are one of those couples and you want to have a royal wedding at a low price, you may consider the properties which are listed below. These properties are hotels and resorts which look like palace and offer modern amenities at attractive prices, if you want to explore more properties, you can find out about best wedding venues in Udaipur and information about the cost of wedding here:

1. Chunda Palace, Udaipur

Chunda Palace is one of the most popular wedding venues in Udaipur, this property has been the choice of couples for many years due to its palatial look  and professional services. Chunda Palace is not only a great venue for weddings, it is also a good choice for pre wedding photo shoots. 

2. Bhairavgarh , Udaipur

This property is also built to look like a palace, many destination weddings are hosted at Bhairavgarh every year because of the spectacular views of mountains and a lake from the outdoor venues of this resort. The sumptuous food and excellent customer service also makes this property favourite of many families. The total cost of a wedding should be below 40 lakhs, you must read details about the cost of a destination wedding at Bhairavgarh.

3. Aurika by Lemontree

This hotel is situated near Fatehsagar lake and it is one of the best hotels for a luxurious wedding in Udaipur. Since it is a luxury hotel, the cost of a wedding at Aurika will be higher than the average cost of weddings in Udaipur. This property has a 500 sq. mtr. ballroom, a courtyard and a boardroom with terrace for organizing ceremonies during weddings.

By Manali