If you have been part of a reputed school or applying for one then you must know maintaining academic integrity is one of the crucial things to do. No college wants to admit a student who has a bad reputation or bad remarks on their transcripts. But here comes the question what forces institutions to leave bad remarks on students’ transcripts? If the student violates the academic integrity of educational institutions then the authorities have the right to dismiss the student from the course.

Academic dismissal can ruin the future of students and that’s why students seek assistance from an academic misconduct lawyer

Different Types of Academic Misconduct Cases:

The common types of academic misconduct cases are:

  • Fabricated work is just the worst sort of academic misconduct since it not only harms information but also leads to fabricators misleading themselves with fraudulent credentials, which can ultimately to their academic doom.
  • Cheating is defined as the use of unlawful information, resources, technologies, sources, or methods to complete academic tasks. It also involves copying from another student’s paper just to pass the examination or test.
  • Sabotage is the practice of modifying with or damaging or harming another individual’s work so that the person won’t be able to complete an academic task on time. Sabotaging someone else’s creativity, research, or design,  is termed sabotage. Academic sabotage can be defined as failing to participate as required in a group endeavor.
  • The other serious offense is plagiarism which is taking credit for someone else work and presenting it as your own. Plagiarism can result in educational dismissal from an institution or university, as well as academic detention for a length of time such as a year or two. However, if the students have been suspended before for plagiarism activity then institutions are allowed to dismiss them from college and they can’t enroll in any course for at least 5 years.
  • Further, if the student impersonates their presence in an exam by hiring someone for taking a test on their behalf then it is also a violation of academic integrity, and universities are allowed to dismiss students from the exam.
  • Other than this, students are not allowed to carry unauthorized gadgets in the exam if the university finds out then they have the right to dismiss the student.

The abovementioned are some of the points of academic misconduct where authorities can dismiss the student from the course. However, students have the right to appeal against the decision if they think they have a valid reason for their action.

By Manali