A whipped cream charger is a small metal cylinder containing nitrous oxide that, when pressurized, can be used to infuse heavy whipping cream with the gas quickly.

The gas temporarily increases the volume of liquids by breaking down certain chemical compounds found in them, just like when mixing Mentos into soda.

When combined, these compounds create thousands of minuscule bubbles that get trapped inside the liquid, making it appear thicker.

Whipped cream charges are composed of 100% pure nitrous oxide, which causes them to disappear frequently in the hands of children. The best way to prevent this is to store them in a refrigerator until ready for use.

Nangs buy is essential to creating delicious, creamy whipped cream. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to use their cream charger properly and waste a lot of ingredients while trying to figure out the process

 If you’re wondering, “How do I use my cream charger?” then this article is for you!

  • Ensure Your Cream Is Cold

Before you start charging, make sure to keep the cream in the fridge for at least an hour before use.

Many people will keep it there overnight because it needs to be very cold to whip up well.

Your cream mustn’t be hot or at room temperature when you charge it because this will negatively affect the quality of your whipped cream.

  • Charge

Now that you have a cold cream, it’s time to charge! To do this:

i. Screw the nozzle onto the charger holder and firmly place it into your bowl of cream.

ii. Press down on the top of the cream charger until you see bubbles start forming.

iii. Keep holding onto the cream charger as you remove it from the bowl and continue saving for at least fifteen seconds to ensure proper charging.

  • Clean The Components Properly

Once you’re done charging, it’s essential to clean the cream charger and all of its components properly.

Failure to do so may lead to bacteria growth and a funky taste in your whipped cream. Unscrew the nozzle and rinse it with hot water to clean the cream charger.

Next, use a toothbrush to scrub away any residue inside the nozzle. Finally, dry everything off with a paper towel and reattach the nozzle.

  • Insert Your Desired Piping Tip

Now that your cream charger is ready to go, it’s time to pipe some whipped cream!

Screw on the desired piping tip and hold the cream charger upright as you start piping.

Experiment with different tips to find the one that gives you the best results. Keep charging the cream charger as needed to keep the whipped cream coming.

  • Keep Your Cream Charger In A Cool, Dry Place

It’s essential to keep your cream charger in a cool, dry place not to spoil or get ruined.

Be sure to read the information on the packaging carefully because different chargers require different storage methods. You’ll also want to take note of how long the product should last before it expires.

  • Alternative Methods

While many people may prefer using the traditional method for creating whipped cream, there are other ways you can do so as well!

A hand mixer is an excellent alternative if you don’t have a cream charger available and want some lovely whipped cream. Mixing it by hand is a great way to get rid of your stress while you’re creating some tasty whip!

  • Stay Satiated With Delicious Whipped Cream

Now that you know how to create some lovely whipped cream, why not try using it in one of our recipes? We have all sorts of amazing recipes ranging from sweet to savory that feature whipped cream.

Whether you’re in the mood for something fluffy and delicious or a refreshing beverage, we have some great ideas for what you can whip up using your newfound knowledge!

  • Enjoy!

Now that you know how to use your cream charger properly, it’s time to enjoy some whipped cream and feel the stress melt away.

Don’t forget that you can use your cream to make other delicious recipes! And don’t be afraid to get creative – there are so many different things you can do with whipped cream, so have fun experimenting and creating something new every day!

  • Clean the canister

Just like you need to clean the cream charger and nozzle, you’ll also want to clean the canister itself.

Be sure to read the information on the packaging carefully to see how best to clean it. You may need to use a brush or hot water to get the entire cream residue out.

Once it’s clean, dry it off and store it in a cool, dry place until you’re ready to use it again.


Now you have it – a simple guide to using your cream charger! Armed with this knowledge, what will you whip up first?

Whether you’re a first-time cream charger user or an old pro, we hope this guide has helped to demystify the process and shown you that using them is pretty simple. 

With this knowledge, you can feel confident in whipping up your favorite recipes to create the perfect whipped cream topping for any dish.

Whether you want something simple like a dollop of fresh cream on top of coffee or an elaborate dessert creation with multiple layers and flavors, make sure not to forget about using our handy guide to get everything right!

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By Manali