We need air, water, and food to survive; that’s a universal fact!

While air and water are important more than anything for survival, food has more to it than just keeping you alive. 

An experience beyond imagination can only become a truth for you when you get to eat your favourite dish whenever you want. 

Those who are taking the title of this write-up literally are the souls that we write for. It can be any food that you like, and it can take your soul to places that are literally beyond imagination and where only the creativity of pets can reach. So basically, we are comparing the pleasure of delicious food to the creative power of poetry, and we hope that poets out there will love this comparison. 

Imagining a place that is nowhere on the earth is one thing and experiencing your soul wandering through it is another, just like your dreams. 

But there is an art behind how to let that love for food make you experience magical things. And we have thought to teach you because (the writer) thinks he has somewhat achieved that aura through his love for the food. 

Enjoy The Food, Don’t Just Eat

The first thing is that you should admire every single bite with all your love. You can’t just eat while moving your teeth like Usain Bolt. The fast eating habit will only serve your stomach in terms of satisfying hunger. You need to chew and enjoy every bite of your food for a proper time, and if that time exceeds more than a minute, then you are surely taking the firm first step. Whatever your favourite food, have it and try to enjoy it like the way we mentioned.

Your Food Way To Magical Places Can Be One or More

There is no limit to the number of food items that can bring you the happiness we are talking about. For some, there is only one dish, and for some, there are many dishes. There are people who love chocolate, and that only is the food they seek, and there are people who love fried foods like french fries, chips, onion rings, and more. The question arises; do you need to find the food that can take you places beyond imagination? The answer is no! You just know what it is.

Have Your Favourite Food When You Are Sad

Sorrows are a part of life, but the food lover inside you can easily escape the trap of sadness that can turn into worse terms. Beyond imagination, places are those where you experience calmness or happiness or just relaxation or everything. So when you are sad, you should get yourself treated with your favourite food. Like if you are a cake lover, then you should order a delicious cake through online cake delivery in Hyderabad or wherever you live, or you can head towards the kitchen and cook your favourite dish. With every bite, you will feel the darkness going away.

The Imaginary Places You Can Experience

  • Chocolate can take you to a land of everything chocolate, and this has been shown in many advertisements too.
  • You can feel like being in a milky way and galaxies while having cakes and desserts like jar cakes and brownies because of the colorful and creamy combination.
  • Coffee can take you to a place of extreme calmness with ponds full of syrup of creativity. 
  • Sips of your favourite tea can take you to the vibes of heaven, where Apsaras stand beside you and pour tea into your golden cup from the kettle of gold. 
  • And your favourite dish cooked by your mother is the perfect way to experience a place where there is only happiness around.

While we have mentioned a few imaginary places where the food can take you, the number of places is infinite and different from person to person and food to food. And there is quite a possibility that you will be able to wake up your inner poet without falling in love or having a heartbreak. 

Food is equal to love; love makes you happy, happiness can tickle your imagination, imagination makes you experience magic, and the magic of food gives you pleasure in every bite.

By Manali