Rather than starting your own business from scratch, consider purchasing a franchise system. In a business model known as franchising, the franchisor is responsible for providing the franchisee with a predetermined business method, industry guidelines, structures, and support in exchange for royalty or purchases. Since so many franchise systems are available, you may not know which one to choose.

Thankfully, Graze Craze is a franchise worth considering specializing in charcuterie boards. A range of smoked cheeses, meats, artisan bread, fruits, olives, vegetables, and desserts are part of the charcuterie board. Graze Craze is no ordinary restaurant; no grease traps or hoods exist. All services offered here – take-out, delivery, and catering – are a la carte. Here’s much more about Graze Craze food franchise cost and why you should consider franchising with it.

Back History

The quick-service restaurant sector is expanding rapidly. Due to the increasing popularity of snack and delivery services, restaurant sales are expected to reach $899 billion by 2022. You will be part of the rapid expansion if you acquire a franchise from Graze Craze, a company that has seen great business success in the past year. 

Graze Craze’s United Franchise Group has been helping business owners expand their franchises for 35 years. A former United States Air Force member who spent several years in the restaurant industry founded Graze Craze in 2020. She had observed that charcuterie boards were becoming more common, and she saw a significant need for a charcuterie offering for customers with easy access to nibble boards, similar to those they like to order online.

There are over 1,600 locations in more than 60 countries, thanks to the support of the United Franchise Group. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge, they can provide you with the guidance, equipment, and support you need to run your Graze Craze location successfully. The initial investment to start your Graze Craze franchise is $49,500, and upfront costs range from $100,000 to $150,000. There is also the possibility of obtaining financing for the business.

Why Should You Invest In Graze Craze Franchise?

Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in the Graze Craze franchise;

You Don’t Need To Cook

There are no stovetops, microwaves, or ovens in Graze Craze restaurants, as there’s no need to prepare a meal to make a delicious charcuterie platter. Therefore, you don’t have to spend so much money, as there’s no industrial kitchen equipment. In turn, it reduces the personnel you require and cuts down on the initial investment.

Training Program

Graze Craze’s professional training team will train you on all elements of operating, maintaining, and promoting a successful Graze Craze franchisee.

Local Professionals

Graze Craze has professionals who are familiar with the local area. They usually assist franchisees in all phases of business operations. They can also address any concerns you may have.

Turnkey Process

The company provides all aspects that you require to run a business. They include all you’ll need for a business, such as software, hardware, equipment, inventory, and decor.


The franchise conducts extensive studies on all elements of each potential Graze Craze location, including population, traffic, number of stores, and customer parking, to name a few. Once all requirements are met, and the franchise decides on a location, they’ll assist you in negotiating lease terms and building your business.

Something For Everyone

Nowadays, some customers must comply with specific dietary restrictions that make eating the ready meals offered in most restaurants impossible. Offering a variety of meats on charcuterie boards should allow individuals to try just the dishes they particularly like. The fact that Graze Craze trays contain fresh fruits and vegetables means they offer something for everyone, increasing the pool of potential customers in your area.

You Can Inquire For A Global Master’s License

In addition, Graze Craze offers eligible individuals and companies the opportunity to purchase special master license rights for specific countries and locations. Whoever owns the master license has the opportunity to develop the brand exclusively and creates an excellent source of income for himself by selling franchises as well as collecting royalties. In addition, the master license entitles the holder to exclusive rights in developing the brand. 

That said, buying a franchise from Graze Craze is an opportunity worth pursuing. Nonetheless, it’s in your best interest to engage a professional to help you assess the business model’s viability. Even better, you’ll get the opportunity to pursue your business goals under a tried and tested business model ahead of time. If you’re interested in learning more about this great opportunity, visit Graze Craze’s website for all the information you need.

By Manali