Being among the most important cities located in Maharashtra, Nagpur contributes to significant tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Many tourist attractions in Nagpur are located within the Chota Nagpur Plateau region. The most well-known places to exploring within Nagpur are Ramtek the town of a few hundred inhabitants that is linked to Lord Rama. There is also the hill that lies close by. It is said that famous sage Maharshi Kalidas, wrote the Meghdootam he wrote in Ramtek. Apart from that and it is also a popular place to visit. Ramsagar Lake is also an important spot to visit. Nagardhan located 38km to the northeast of Nagpur is another popular attraction that is it is the Nagardhan Fort built during the Bhonsle Dynasty is the most important attraction here.

Nagpur’s past is well-reflected through Sitabuldi Fort which was built from 1757 before the time of British rule. The prethe British Fort was constructed to commemorate the deaths of Maratha soldiers who died in the battle of Plassey. Nagpur is also known for its sacred shrine for people of the Buddhists, Deekshabhoomi. It is considered to be the largest artifact within Asia and is also the site in which it was that Dr. B.R Ambedkar embraced Buddhism. Maharajbhag Zoo is another important tourist attraction in Nagpur.

It was constructed in the middle ages of India under the Bhonsle dynasty. It is a gorgeous area with a garden that is now Zoo with rare species of animals and birds.

Another location that is what makes Nagpur an area to visit can be found in The Raman Science Centre located in Nagpur. It was established in the city to encourage the development and expansion of technology and science industry. If you want to seek God’s blessings go to Balaji Temple. The atmosphere is serene and is situated at the Seminary Hills. It is also possible to see the distinctive Narrow Gauge Rail Museum that is located on Kemptee road and is run through the South Eastern Railway. The museum exhibits various steam engines, locomotives, royal carriages, tools and gauges, etc. In addition, Nagpur is full of lush greenery, beautiful landscapes and lake.

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