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Lonavala is home to a variety of tourist attractions to offer guests. These are Bushy Dam, Pavana Dam, Lonavala Lake, Tiger Point Duke’s Nose Della Adventures, Lohagad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Karla Caves, and Bhaja Caves. It will take at least two days in order to see each of these sites. It is worth it. Lohagad Fort and Rajmachi Fort are well-known for their treks in Lonavala. Because we only had a day in Lonavala and could only explore the following locations:

Lonavala Lake – Best Places to visit in Lonavala

It is Lonavala Lake also known as the Monsoon Lake has very beautiful and captivating surroundings. This lake completely dries in the summer months and is bursting with sparkling waters during monsoons. The stunning views of the hills, which are dotted with waterfalls, the serene lake, and the cool breeze make it the perfect place to unwind and relax. Relax and enjoy the views while sipping hot tea and sweet corn roasted readily available from the many carts that are available. This lake is an absolute must-see during monsoons.

Bushy Dam – Best Places To Visit In Lonavala

Bushy Dam is the most well-known attraction and is among the most popular places to visit in Lonavala. It is flooded by a water dam during rainfalls. It is possible to climb up the dam and take in the water flowing freely as you sit on the steps built over the dam. It is important to be extra cautious while getting to the dam since the rains can make the massive narrow and long steps slippery. There are snack and tea vendors in the middle of dam. It is possible to eat a snack and enjoy the flowing of the water from the dam. The dam is that is usually packed. Make sure to arrive earlier than you can in order to avoid crowds.

Be sure to bring another pair of slippers you can swap between your shoes when you travel in the car or taxi. Slippers can be purchased at the store for lease or purchase from a few sellers there and keep your shoes secure within their locker rooms.

Tiger Point – Best Places To Visit In Lonavala

Tiger Point is a clifftop with an incredibly steep drop of more than 700m. It offers stunning panoramic views of hills, forests, and valleys. This cliff has the appearance of a tiger that is leaping. While we were there, the view from this cliff was slightly obscured by clouds. This usually happens when severe rain falls. We stayed for about an hour, hoping that the weather would be clean while enjoying a hot Maggi and tea. It is also possible to take a bite of the delicious corn bhajiyas installs that are located there.

It took some time to get the weather clean and we were able to see a few glimpses of the hills covered in lush greenery. Tiger Point is among the top tourist attractions and must-see places in Lonavala for its stunning views. This is why it gets quite crowded at sunset.

Rajmachi Point – Best Places To Visit In Lonavala

It is located at Rajmachi place is the viewing location for the famous Fort Rajmachi Fort that belongs to the famous King Shivaji. The fort is a popular tourist destination for hiking. The top of Rajmachi fort is home to two major forts: The Shriranjan Fort and the Manaranjan fort. The stunning views of lush forests and the green valleys surrounding these forts make it extremely appealing to those seeking to trek. Rajmachi Point is also a great location to view the sunset from.

Karla Caves – Best Places To Visit In Lonavala

The caves of Karla are among the most ancient Buddhist shrines that were built by Buddhist monks from India. These caves, which are significant in their history, contain the largest and most well-preserved prayer hall (also called Chaitya) located in India. The carvings that depict the journeys and teachings of Buddha within the caves are believed to be approximately two thousand years old. The cut-out rock Buddhist cave is composed of a number of pillars that are beautifully decorated with horses, elephants, and various other images.

To access these caves, you’ll need to climb around 200 steps from your car parking lot. It rains and snow can make these steps slippery and you’ll need to be extra cautious while ascending these steps. There is a small cost for entry, which is Rs. 5 for Indian nationals, while there is a fee of Rs. 100 (USD 1.50 approximate) for foreign citizens.

Visits to places to go to in Lonavala

Then we went to the market at Lonavala from where we enjoyed a tasty Vada Pav in The Golden VadaPav eatery. We also purchased a few boxes of various Chikkis at Maganlal. Lonavala is famous for its delicious sweet Chikki that is a hard sweet made of jaggery that is available in numerous kinds.

When to Go to Lonavala

If you love monsoons, the ideal time to visit Lonavala is from June to September. This hill town is blessed by heavy rains, making it a beautiful and picturesque location. October to March, are excellent months to visit and hike.

How to Reach Lonavala

The best method to get to Lonavala is via the road which you’ll be able to take in the stunning scenery and the comfort of your journey. We booked an Ola outstation cab for our journey. The trip took about one hour to get to Lonavala in Pune. If you’re from Mumbai or Mumbai, you can rent a cab for a sightseeing tour here. It will take around two hours to get to Lonavala From Mumbai.

There are also train services and private buses too that you can get to Lonavala by way of Mumbai and Pune.

The hotel we were staying in was left early morning at 7 AM. We arrived at Lonavala at 8:30 am, with an en-route stop to eat some vada pavs.

I would strongly suggest staying in Lonavala for at least one night so that you can enjoy the stunning beauty and beauty of this hill town and look over the must-see tourist destinations. Lonavala is home to many excellent resorts and hotels. There are several good hotels and resorts. Fariyas Resort is the most highly recommended as it offers the most stunning perspectives of Lonavala and also an indoor water park.

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