About Sheru Agro Tourism

Agrotourism is a trend that is emerging for tourists. It’s when huge areas of land for farming are created for tourists to explore and enjoy a rural, close-to-nature experience. Apart from being a wonderful green idea, it also creates jobs for the locals living in the villages. If you are looking forward to a memorable the hatke experience, stay to find out more about this fascinating Agrofarm located only 45 minutes distance from Pune.

Sheru Agro Tourism

Why You Should Visit Sheru Agro Tourism

Everyone loves quick, day trips, and what’s more enjoyable is it if the journey time is under one hour? Sheru Agro Tourism is located in Daund just 45 minute drive from Pune. The Agrofarm is a sprawling estate surrounded by mountains farms, and rivers. The farm has many activities like a hurda celebration as well as a swimming pool and rain dance! Pack your bags and jump in your vehicle for the perfect getaway.

Sheru Agro Tourism is Best Picinic Spot

Sheru Agro Farm can be an ideal picnic spot for a single day to enjoy with your loved ones or a an entire group. It’s the perfect spot for many entertaining activities, including hurda party and camping on the river. Get soaked on the deck for rain dances or dive straight into the pool. Enjoy a bullock or tractor cart ride and live the tranquility of. Take a short hike over the nearby mountains or go for a cruise on the river. Then, end the night with dinner around the bonfire and more. Sounds exciting, right? There’s also a camping location situated at the bottom of the river. it’s a man-made island where you can stay the night sleeping in tents beneath the stars.

Sheru Agro Tourism Packages

The farm offers five options to choose from. These are time-based options like the Sunset Package wherein you arrive at the farm at 3 pm and depart at 9.30 at night. If you’re planning on having a long day then go for the Suntime Package that allows you to arrive at 11am and then stay until 7 pm at the farm. If you’re an early riser, then go to go with an Sunrise Package that starts at 9 am and finishes at 6 .30 after 6.30. If you’re looking for a whole day of adventure, they offer a one-day outing Package available as well. Begin a day of adventures at 9.30 and finish at 6.30 at night. Each of these packages is included in meals. For example the Sunset package comes with dinner and tea while the Sunrise package comes with breakfast as well as lunch and snacks.

Sheru Agro Tourism Location

It can also be a perfect location for corporate events or the riverside location for weddings. The location offers the Lawn Package that allows you to book your lawn to host any type of occasion. If you want to stay up until morning, you can book your own cottage on the river or a tent on the campsite for 1500 rupees.

Sheru Agro Tourism is a Must Visit Place

In conclusion, we’d suggest that if you’re seeking a full day of masti, excitement and adventures, This is the perfect place to be. It’s energetic and will leave you feeling satisfied after the event. It is also the perfect getaway to enjoy exciting activities with family and friends. It’s also a good location for school excursions. Therefore, save this location and come back later to thank us.

Location: At the Bhuleshawar Payatha, Yavat – Bhuleshawar Road, Tal – Daund.

Price: Rs 850 for an adult, and Rs. 700 for children.

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