Arranged marriages have been an integral part of any Indian society. It has been reported that approx 80% of Indian marriages are arranged. Marriage is called to be arranged when it is initiated by the parents or by others except those getting married. The people responsible for the marriage arrangement could be parents, matrimonial sites, agents, relatives, etc. Canada’s marriage bureau has the potential profile of girls and boys, families where cultural and religiously rooted. There are several benefits of connecting with a marriage bureau.

Arranged marriage and love marriage differences

In an arranged marriage, two people bring together who have been raised with similar beliefs. Therefore, it becomes an essential aspect of building a relationship base. Thus, the probability of cultural differences is less, removing one issue that is common in love marriage.

During a love marriage, there doesn’t need to be some similarity between religion, caste, culture, etc., between two people. This also brings together individuals with different cultural backgrounds and beliefs. They need to put some extra effort to come to a consensus.

In a love marriage, people are generally attracted towards outward appearances (possessions, looks, personality, etc.). However, these short-term attraction points may not necessarily contribute to longer-term marital outcomes.

Caste, religion and status in marriage

When a marriage is a set up, equality is maintained as we are introduced to individuals for an arranged marriage. Financial, educational, and world views tend to match as families prefer equal stature. During an arranged marriage, the expectation level of the couple with each other or with the families is a little low than compared to love marriage, as there they tend to know each other well. When there are specific gaps in knowledge, the expectations in return would be less. Deeper understanding is necessary to form accurate expectations, and more command produces higher expectations.

When in India, we have different heartwarming success stories regarding love marriage, there would be more arranged marriage stories between the strangers leading to lasting love.

Parents during an arranged marriage

Her parents value you more in an arranged marriage as they have chosen your partner. In addition, families of both girls or boys belong to the same caste, religion, and culture; therefore, there are fewer differences.

Son-laws have a special place in Indian families; they were treated as the king when they visited their in-laws.

Possessiveness in love marriage

Love marriage couple faces less possessiveness after their marriage but since arranged marriage people were new and their love is growing there was more possessiveness. A woman is deemed to be more possessive compared to a man. She tends to view other women as her adversary and is very watchful about them hitting on her person. It feels insecure and behaves a little obsessively.

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By Manali