It has become a bit of a trend in innovative business circles for the employer to get involved in some way in the health and wellness of their employees. Now, many may think that this is a bridge too far and that what employees choose to do after work and how they live their lives is their business. It is, but it also intrinsically affects what happens in the workplace, so it has become clear that getting involved in employee health and wellness has some amazing benefits.

What Companies Are Doing to Make Employees Happy and Healthy

There has been a marked drive for companies to do more for the wellness and health of their workers. 

Health incentives for good work: Many companies have instituted wellness rewards for great work or have alternatively provided incentives to keep healthy. You can go here to learn more, where the various health and wellness initiatives and incentives for staff are explained.

Access to a gym on site: Providing the impetus for staff to improve their physical fitness and health has become one of the hottest trends in the modern workplace. It’s more convenient for businesses to have the gym on site and it will ensure that staff have easy access without having to go anywhere.

Psychological counselling and advice are provided: It is entirely private and confidential, but having access to a counsellor in the workplace is one of the main ways that stress can be reduced and the mental health and wellness of staff improved.

How This Can Benefit the Company

A happy employee is more likely to be a productive one and there is less chance of them missing work. Attendance is through the roof for happy and engaged employees and they will also be responsible for developing and fostering a positive workplace culture.

Stress in the workplace can be somewhat contagious and it can spread among employees as the water cooler banter becomes more intense and the stress of one worker becomes the stress of the organization. It is, therefore, critical to nip this in the bud and ensure that staff have access to methods of stress control. Less stress in the workplace will lead to improved worker attitudes and an increase in both the quality and the quantity of work. Workers want to enjoy what they do and being less stressed while they do it is one surefire way to ensure this.

A happy employee is more likely to stay: Employees that are unhappy in the workplace are only going to leave to find this happiness elsewhere and, as such, if you want to keep them, you will need to research and investigate what can make them happier at work, and then implement such programs.

Having a happy and healthy workforce will pay dividends for the business concerned. It is well worth spending on the type of initiatives discussed here because it is these tactics that will serve to improve the overall sense of happiness and the workplace environment.

By Manali