According to Ken Research’s UAE Fitness Market Outlook, the fitness industry is expected to thrive in the years to come. According to the company, the number of fitness centers in the UAE is expected to increase by 1,400 by 2022 due to business-driven growth. Like Fitness First, Gold’s Gym and Lifeline Wellness as well as newcomers.

Freestanding Gyms / Gym Franchise Studios / Gyms Centers
Entrepreneurs can join an existing gym franchise or start business in Dubai. Each option has advantages and disadvantages; In the end, you need to decide which model best suits your needs.
The main benefit of choosing a franchise business is that the brand is often well known and established, which makes it easy to acquire and maintain a customer base. The franchise usually offers a comprehensive solution, including onboarding support, marketing services, and device vendors. Some even help you find a location by referring you to one of their preferred real estate partners.

The downside to choosing a franchise company is that the company will charge you a flat fee or part of its revenue for being able to represent the brand. You must also adhere to company policies about the services or lessons that you may offer. , as well as pricing guidelines.

When you decide to open your own gym, you are in full control of the business and can keep all of your profits. The downside is that getting recognition in your community can cost time and money.

Opening a Gym License

Although a gym can be opened in a free zone, most employers prefer to open one near large residential areas. Therefore, the most common method of integration is a local mainland license.

The General Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare, Dubai City Council and Dubai Department of Economic Development are required to approve a high school license.

All free weight home gym packages and fitness centers in Dubai must meet certain conditions:
• There must be clean drinking water sources on the property;
• Separate bathrooms for men and women;
• Lockers in the changing room;
• A first aid kit with everything you need;
• Make sure that your exercise machine is in good working order.
• Smoking is prohibited in the property and local policies apply.
• Fire extinguisher in good condition;
• Adequate ventilation and lighting required.
• A supply of towels that are regularly washed;
• a functioning drainage system
• hand washing stations;
• Employees must wear a company-issued uniform with the company name or emblem.
• The floor of sports equipment must be shockproof.

With a growing population and a high proportion of expats, the UAE market has promoted the national gym license in Dubai. As well as international fitness companies to invest in the market. In 2016 the fitness industry in the United Arab Emirates. According to the research firm Statistic, the value was estimated at $ 380 million in 2016.   Some of the world’s leading fitness brands. You discovered business in the United Arab Emirates. Including the American chain Gold’s Gym and the British brand Fitness First. In recent years there have also been innovations in this area. With a trend towards more practical functional training. There are significant opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and appetite for private meetings and group training among residents.  

Limited Liability business setup in Dubai.

Many imperative requirements must be met, which are outlined by the Department of Economic Development. For the new fitness center you must have a fitness studio license in Dubai. Also meet an extensive list of criteria, which includes, but is not limited to;

Tips for Starting A Fitness Center / Gym

It is imperative to plan the setup of your gym business in Dubai. The cost of legalizing a fitness center and gym license in Dubai. It can vary between AED 35,000 and AED 50,000. Fitness equipment can be expensive, and even if you think you can do it, the cost will always be higher than expected.  

You need to properly plan your Dubai gym setup before you start. Business advisor in Dubai can help you obtain a gym license in Dubai. To calculate the detailed cost of the required permit, license, installation and visa.  

In addition to UAE corporate training fees. There are costs for fitness equipment and marketing. Brand, website, social media account, etc. expenses. In addition, there are computer software expenses, business insurance, and employee salaries. However, if you plan carefully, your gym setup will usually be very successful.  

Open Gym / Fitness Center in Dubai Free Zone 

Opening your own fitness studio while in an outdoor area can be an excellent business opportunity. Establishing a free port company in Dubai allows you to be 100% foreign owned. A busy free port also offers you state-of-the-art facilities and several corporate clients nearby. The cost of setting up the gym and therefore the required documents may vary and depend on the exact free port. The process of company registration in Dubaiwill also vary. In addition, a free zone company could offer several advantages. Because you are very close to your potential customers. Special company courses are offered with a free gym at the harbor. Back exercises for office workers. Weight loss training during lunch breaks and post-work yoga classes. 

 Start a Dubai Gym

 When you have analyzed the layout of your Dubai gym. And obtained a license in a Dubai Free Port, start your gym business now. Limit yourself to the care of all furniture and machines and provide the necessary care products. Also, look for proper lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning. The United Arab Emirates is a touristic place, thousands of people travel every day from all over the world to spend your vacation, work, business and pleasure the lifestyle of the United Arab Emirates. The people of the United Arab Emirates are very fond of food. Nobodycan resist eating. And definitely who is staying in the UAE for a long or short period of time. You will gain fat, calories etc., the most important things. You will enjoy everything and at the same time. They are very health conscious. Diet, looks to impress, or concern for your personality.

It is impossible to expect a smooth course of in-company training from all employers, just as little from someone who has never exercised to master all the equipment in a fitness studio the first time. Leave all of the paperwork to our expert consultants so you can focus on promoting and running your Dubai gym. We can help you start your journey with a free phone consultation today!

By Manali