Learn how to thread a sewing machine. Here’s a great New Year’s resolution – get out your sewing machine and start sewing again. Yes, it looks like a great idea, but how long ago did you tackle some machine sewing or sit down and work out how to thread a sewing machine?

Brother Sewing Machines are used in the hit reality show “Project Runway”. Don’t let that scare you away. Not because Brother is used by professionals it means that a beginner like you will be totally lost if you have one.



  1. Firstly check your sewing manual, if you have one. It should give diagrammatical instructions on how to thread your make of machine. If you have lost your manual then read this article with links to download sewing machine manuals online.
  2. Choose the color thread you plan to use and fill the bobbin.
  3. Always choose good quality threads such as Rasant, Gutterman or Coates. Your thread should be suitable for your fabric choices.

As a beginner, you will love how fast and easy it is to use a Brother machine. Choose the one that is best suited for your tailoring needs and skills. What I love about these machines is their versatility. If you like making garments and home decorations and you want something that is strong enough, the NX650Q is perfect for you.

It’s a quiet machine that is durable and will allow you to feed your creative side. Create multiple projects and get ready to be in awe every time. It comes with great features like easy threading, drop-in bobbins, knee lifter, easy fabric feeding and control, perfect buttonholes and great lighting.

The PQ-1500S is also one of the Brother Sewing Machines that I really like and this traces back from the good old days. It is a dream machine for anyone who tackles problem fabrics as well as large scale sewing jobs.

It’s a no-frill, high-speed straight stitching machine that can do up to 1,500 stitches per minute. It also has an adjustable pin feed mechanism, 4 feed dog settings for maximum fabric control, knee lifter and bed extension table for quilting.

If you want an over-sized work area then go for QC-1000. It’s a great machine for both sewing and quilting. It comes with a standard or free-arm and programmable pivot function.

It also has thread delivery from 4 different spools. What I love about this model is its thread sensor alert feature. With Brother Sewing Machines, you can never go wrong. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Brother has the right sewing machine for you.

By Manali