You can disable your McAfee firewall for Windows and Mac by following the steps in this article.

You may have to follow different steps depending on whether you have installed Windows or Mac software. Follow these steps:

How To Disable Mcafee?

If you have the new Windows user interface
Disable the Firewall on new versions of McAfee software by following these steps:

o First, open the McAfee software.

o Click on the PC tile, or select the settings gear icon at the top-right corner.

o Click on the Firewall tile, or choose the Firewall option from the menu.

o Click the Turn Off button.

Note: You can turn on the Firewall again automatically after a pre-set time. You can select the time you prefer from the drop-down list When do you want to resume the Firewall.

If you have the legacy Windows user interface
On legacy versions of McAfee software, follow these steps to disable the firewall:

o Launch McAfee.

o At the top-right corner, click PC Security, or click the gear icon.

o Next, click Firewall.

o Select Turn off.

Note: You can configure the Firewall to turn back on automatically after a predetermined period of time. From the When do you want to resume the firewall drop-down list, select the time you prefer.

An exclamation point appears in a red triangle within a short time after a vulnerability has been detected in your security program.

If you have a Mac
Disable the Firewall on your Mac by following these steps:

o To open McAfee M, right-click the icon in the menu bar.

o Select (product name) Console. For instance, LiveSafe Console.

o Click on Mac Security or click the gear icon at the top-right corner.

o Then click Firewall.

o Click the lock to make changes, and then type your password in.

o To turn off the firewall, click the slider.

o To prevent further changes, click the lock again.

You will see a red bar at the top of your security product to indicate that your Mac is in danger. As well as the red triangle, you’ll see the exclamation point.

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