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“Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” (roughly translated as Every moment, close to the heart) is a 2019 Hindi-language Romance film directed and produced by Sunny Deol and Zee Studios. On 20 September 2019, the film was released.

Production on the film began on May 21, 2017. The lead roles were played by Karan Deol and Sahher Bambba, grandson of Dharmendra. It took over 400 girls to audition for Sahher’s role.

Commercially, the film was a failure, earning only *10 crore against a *30 crore budget.

Song/Album- Wajah Tum Ho (2016) Movie Mp3

The artists are Kishore Kumar, Kalyanji Anandji Rajinder Krishan


A vlogger from Delhi travels to Manali to experience Camp Ujhi Dhaar, run by Karan Deol (Karan Sehgal). The trip, in her opinion, is a scam, and she intends to expose the camp’s owner. Even though things started out bitterly between them, their relationship improved during their trip, leading Karan to fall for her. Instead of confessing his feelings, he says he is afraid of commitment and cannot make it. Viren (Aakash Ahuja), her boyfriend, teased her at an open mic event. Despite her desire to be a singer, Saher was unable to follow her dreams. In memory of his mother’s death in an avalanche while trying to capture a snow leopard with her camera, Saher travels with his father to the spot where he saw a snow leopard as a child. Saher and Karan say goodbye to each other at the airport when the trip comes to an end.

After reaching Delhi, Saher realizes she loves Karan and breaks up with Viren. In response to Karan, she tells him she will be performing at an open mic again and invites him to Delhi. They both express their love for each other and kiss during the Open Mic when Karan unexpectedly appears. Saher’s brother, Viren, invites Karan to his house party the next day and introduces him to his family. There, Karan meets Saher’s family members and Viren. He is heartbroken upon seeing Karan and Saher so close and happy together. Angry, he pledges to do whatever it takes to be with Saher, whether it be wrong or right. After Saher’s father confronts Karan in anger the next day, Karan tells Saher everything he knows about Viren. In addition to lying to his parents, Viren asks Saher for forgiveness for leaking her photos on the Goa trip, which he took secretly. Karan thrashes Viren after he violently abuses Saher and Karan’s mother during a visit with Viren. After Saher posts a video online of being eve-teased by Viren, a sense of insult is evoked. When Viren hears this, he decides to confront Saher, but she unexpectedly falls off the first floor. By using their political power, Virginen’s parents turn the case against Saher and beat Karan.

Viren is dragged to the hospital, beaten up, and told to apologize to Saher more and more as Saher’s condition worsens and her family suffers. Viren’s mother asks Karan to leave him, and she apologizes to everyone when he refuses. When Karan chokes his throat, he almost dies.

After Saher’s accident, Karan and Saher are shown as happy married couples in the end credits.

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