Your wedding album should be a reflection of your relationship and personality as a couple. It should tell your love story and be a cherished family heirloom for years to come. So, what do wedding photo albums typically include? Below are some ideas to get you started.

Pictures to Include

First, start with a photo of you and your fiance together on the front cover. Next, include photos from when you first met, childhood photos of each of you, photos from important milestones in your relationship like the first time you met their family, the day you got engaged, and finally, photos from the proposal itself. If possible, try to find a few fun or quirky photos to add as well as some candid shots that show the emotions behind your big day. Don’t forget to add captions telling the story behind each photo!

Adding Captions to Your Photos


Adding captions to your photos is a great way to personalize your wedding album and add more information about each image. Captions can include the names of both spouses, the date of the wedding, where the photo was taken, and any other details you want to include. If you have any special memories or thoughts about a particular photo, adding them as a caption is a great way to share them with your loved ones. Captions also help to make your wedding album more interesting and engaging for readers.

Kinds of Wedding Albums

When it comes to wedding photography, there are many important things to consider. One of the most important decisions you will make is what type of album to choose. There are many different types of wedding albums available on the market today, from traditional albums with pages that turn to more modern options like digital albums or even online albums.

The best way to decide which album is right for you is to think about your needs and wants as a couple. If you want a traditional album with physical pages, then you’ll need to find a photographer who offers prints and an album design service. If you’re after a more modern option, then a digital album might be the best choice for you – just make sure your photographer offers this service.

No matter which type of album you choose, there are some things that should always be included in your wedding pictures. First, all the key moments from your day should be captured – each of you getting ready, the ceremony, speeches, and the first dance. Second, don’t forget about portraits! Make sure you get plenty of shots of just the two of you as well as family and friends. Lastly, don’t forget about details! Capture those little moments that mean so much to you both as a couple.

Booking Your Photographer


When you are booking your photographer, be sure to ask about their album pricing and what is included in the cost. Some photographers include the album in the overall price of their services, while others charge a separate fee. If you want an album, be sure to ask about the type of album, the number of images that will be included, and if there are any additional costs.

Some couples choose to create their own wedding albums by ordering prints from their photographer and putting them into an album themselves. This can be a less expensive option, but it can also be more time-consuming. If you choose this option, make sure you order enough prints so that you have several different layouts to choose from when creating your album. A more convenient option would be to upload your photos to a site that will create an album for you.

Your wedding album is one of the most important keepsakes from your wedding day. It is a compilation of all the important moments and photos from your day and will be cherished for years to come. Be sure to include all of the special moments in your album to create a lasting memory of your wedding day.

By Manali