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How to keep Yourself Grounded While Preparing for Competitive Exams?

Recently, we all have sailed through the daunting pandemic. We all were locked in the four walls of our house and dealt with the noxious virus. If you have gotten through that time, then for sure you can handle challenging situations of your life easily. You may have used your own ways to keep yourself calm during the formidable times. Let us tell you that keeping yourself grounded can actually help you stay calm and focused in your life. Note that staying cool and calm is essential for candidates who are preparing for competitive exams. While preparing for competitive exams, a clear and focused mind can help you grasp concepts in no time. Well, do you know how to keep yourself calm? Simply, by keeping yourself grounded. In this article, we have mentioned some soulful ways to keep yourself grounded while preparing for competitive exams.

Most commonly graduates in India aim to appear for bank or SSC exams. For which exam are you preparing at the moment? Is it the bank exam? If yes, then beef up your preparation by enrolling yourself in a brilliant institute that can provide bank coaching in Laxmi Nagar. Note that you can prepare effectively for the exam only if you have a calm and poised mind. So, try to use some grounding techniques to keep your nerves calm while preparing for the exam. Are you heedless of the miraculous grounding techniques? If so, then choose to go through the points jotted down in this article.

To keep yourself grounded, you can try some of the following useful techniques:

While you constantly burn midnight oil in the haste to prepare effectively for the exam. It is important to spare some time to practice some grounding techniques.

  • Give yourself a break

No doubt, it is important to prioritize your studies while preparing for competitive exams. But, sometimes it is necessary to take yourself out of books and relax your mind. Taking a break doesn’t mean you can indulge yourself in social media scrolling. Note that social media often delivers fake news that can falter your peace of mind. Thus, instead of using social media, you can choose to do something that can bring peace to your mind. For example: You can spend some time in nature and enjoy your own company. It can actually help you in calming your anxiety and you can focus better.

  • Practice gratitude

Do you take some time to feel grateful for the things you are blessed with? If not, then you are inviting resentment and anxiety in your life. Thus, it is advisable to take spare at least 10 minutes in a day to be thankful for the things God has blessed you with. Always remember, you’ll have something to be grateful for. For example: You can be grateful for the food you eat, for financial stability and for good health. Simply, maintain a journal in which you can write at least 10 things you are grateful for.

  • Prioritize your emotional and mental health

It is not easy to keep your chin up every time while preparing for the exam. There will be times when you can feel demotivated and disheartened. Well, you can link with a counselor who can teach you some great ways to keep your mind in peace. Additionally, pay no heed to people who degrade you or question your ability. Be very sure about your capabilities and strive to work hard for upcoming competitive exams. This is how you can ensure your success in the exam.

  • Savour good food

Believe it or not, eating delicious food can improve your mood in no time. So, spare some time at least once a week to cook good food for yourself. Note that youtube can offer you some good recipes for cooking different types of food. So, take help from youtube to cook delicious food for yourself. It is advisable to avoid junk or restaurant food while preparing for the exam. Note that outside food can cause serious infections in your body. Therefore, you can’t afford to affect your health while preparing for exams. So, stick to home cooked food.

  • Go for a short walk

When you start feeling tired because of exam pressure, then take a break and go for a short walk. Make sure you are not taking your phone with yourself. Instead, you can accompany yourself with a friend or family member. Well, you can go for a walk in a park near your home. While walking, notice the rhythm of your footstep. Also, notice how you feel when you put your step on the ground and lift it up. For sure it can relieve you from a lot of stress and anxiety while preparing for the exam.

  • Connect with others

Exam preparation is actually tiring. Also, you need to put in arduous efforts while studying for the exam. Thus, it is essential to take some time and talk with people who are close to you. It is advisable to share your tensions and worries with your closed ones. For sure they can give you relevant solutions for your problems. Also, they can encourage you for better exam preparation. So, either call your friend or talk with a family member to flush the anxiety and stress you have in your head.

  • Try the 5-4-2-1 method

Working backwards from 5, make a list of what you notice in the environment. Starting with five things you hear, four things you perceive, three objects you can easily touch from where you’re sitting, two kinds of fragrances you can smell, and one food item you can taste. For example, you might begin by listing five things you hear, four objects you can see, any three things you can easily touch from where you’re sitting, two different fragrances you can smell, and one food item you can taste. Thus, make a concerted effort to notice the small details that you may overlook Such as the colour of the carpet flecks or the hum of your computer.

  • Meditate

Meditation is a proven way to calm your nerves. Note that you need to spare only 10 minutes in a day to meditate. You can use the following way to practice meditation daily:

  • Choose a quiet and calm place in your home.
  • You can sit on a chair or on the floor to practice meditation.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your thoughts.
  • Try not to control your thoughts. Make sure you will not control your thoughts. Instead, let the thoughts come and go in your mind.

Many candidates seek help from a coaching institute to study effectively for the exam. So, are you preparing for SSC exams? If yes, then seek help from a reputable source that can provide SSC coaching in Laxmi Nagar.


Grounding is a great way to relieve yourself from stress, anxiety and tensions. No doubt, candidates preparing for exams deal with a lot of pressure. They can use the above-mentioned tips to keep themselves free from exam pressure.

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