While studying mathematics, we come across many equations. There are many types of equations in maths, few of the equations are linear equations, quadratic equations. Equations are taught to us at the primary level and are used even in higher mathematics. Equations have a lot of real-life applications; we use equations to find the variables in various fields. One of the most used equations is a linear equation. Let us discuss linear equations, their properties, and methods to solve them.

Linear equation: Equations are categorized on the basis of the power of the variables. Linear equations are equations with a degree of power of the variables equal to one. A linear equation consists of the form ax+by = c. Here a is a, b, and c are the constants. x is the variable in this equation and we can see that it is raised to the power one. y is also another variable in the given equation. Linear equations can be of many types like linear equations with one or two or more number of variables, it will consider a linear equation only until the higher power of the variables does not cross one. Linear equations can be considered the simplest of equations. Solving a linear equation is all about finding the unknowns in the equation. As there are two unknowns in a linear equation, we need two equations to solve them. With one equation we will only get the relation between the two variables but not the solution to the equation.

Whatever the solution we get from the linear equation, it should always satisfy the condition of the equation. If after putting the values, we have found the unknown, it does not balance the equation then the values of the variables are wrong. This is the best method to check whether the answer found is correct or not. There are many different methods of solving different types of equations. In this article, we will go after one of the methods of solving linear equations with two variables.

Solving linear equations: A linear equation with two variables can be solved easily if two equations are given. The first step to follow while solving the equations is to take any equation and separate one of the variables or take one of the variables at one side and all the other values and variables at the other side of the equal sign. This will give us the value of one variable, suppose x, in terms of the other variable that is y. Now we will put this value of x in the second equation to eliminate variable x from it. Now we will get the equation in one variable only which is y. Now we can easily find y from the equation and put this value of y in any of the equations to get the value of x variable. This is one of the easiest methods to solve linear equations with two variables.

There are many properties shown by linear equations. One of the crucial properties is that, when it is plotted on the graph, we always get a straight line. Hence, we can say that the equation of a straight line will always be a linear equation only.

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