Have you just spent a lot of money buying a BMW? You are probably wondering how to extend your car’s life to get value for your money. Visiting a BMW performance shop regularly can make this happen. These service stations monitor your BMW’s wear and tear and address any repairs using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. 

Performance shops conduct regular car servicing and maintenance, such as oil changes and brake fluid replacement, extending your BMW’s viability. Keep reading to learn how performance shops help boost your BMW’s life. 

Oil Change

Performance shops prevent the buildup of dirt in your car’s engine. Regardless of how well maintained your car is, dirt can get in your engine and mix with oil. Dirt buildup in the engine results in the internal components straining to operate. A machine that does not run smoothly has a shorter life span. 

Visiting a BMW performance shop removes all this dirt and verifies that your machine has clean, high-quality oil running. This increases its functioning and overall lifespan. 

There is a myth that BMW only recommends its car owners change their oil after 15000 miles. This only weakens your car engine and overall lifespan. Getting an oil change in a performance shop after every 5000 miles maintains your BMW for many years.

Brake Fluid Replacement

Whenever you visit a performance shop, BMW experts check your brake fluid and change it when necessary. This guarantees proper brake performance and avoids excessive brake friction, lowering effectiveness. 

BMW brake fluid requires changing once per two years. A BMW car care shop has experts with the necessary skills to change a car’s brake fluid properly. Brake fluid flushing is complex and requires a careful process to restore the brake’s functionality. 

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Performance shops clear the old hydraulic fluids and any corrosion in your braking system. If rust in the braking system is not cleaned correctly, the braking system wears out and lowers your car’s life. 

Flush Transmission Fluid

Although the BMW transmission fluid is a lifetime fill, BMW performance shops replace old transmission fluid, verifying efficiency. The flush procedure involves draining the old transmission fluid, grime, and lube from your vehicle and replacing it with fresh fluid. This lubricates and cools your automatic transmission preventing wear and tear. 

Most car care service shops flush old transmission fluid after 50 miles using a grading machine. This completely flushes the old fluid and contaminants in the cooler lines and torque converter, avoiding transmission problems. BMW car service statins have all the necessary equipment to completely drain the old fluid and fill the system with new fluid.

Although you may consider flushing your transmission fluid expensive, it can be cheaper than replacing your transmission. Old fluids wear your transmission and lower your car’s life. Car professionals in a BMW performance shop flush your transmission and extend your BMW’s viability. 

BMW Performance Shop Services Your BMW Cooling System

Whenever you stop in a BMW service shop, the car care experts check to flush your cooling systems. The Cooler is a system that brings down temperatures in the engine and promotes optimal engine functioning. Damaged cooler results in overheating, wear and tear, and decreased car lifespan.

Performance shops clean your cooling system and fill it with a fresh coolant. Fresh engine coolants have lubrication properties that reduce friction in the engine. This keeps the thermostat, water pump, and other engine parts functioning. 

Steering System Maintenance

A performance shop services your steering wheel after every 50,000 miles. This improves your steering wheel functionality and the overall functioning of your BMW. 

Power steering fluid gets contaminated over time, causing system leaks and other issues. Car experts flush the old steering fluid and replace it with fresh fluid. 

Extend Your BMW Life

If you just got a BMW, extend its life by visiting a BMW performance shop regularly. These stations repair wear and tear with EOM parts and restore your car’s functioning. They conduct regular maintenance such as transmission fluid flushing and brake oil replacement, improving your car’s viability. 

BMW car service stations have professionals with the right skills to conduct regular BMW car servicing. This extends your car’s life and grants you value for your money.

By Manali