The insertion probe thermal mass flow meter is directly inserted into the flowing stream of gas, liquids, slurries, irregular-shaped lines, and process ducts. The insertion gas flow meter thereby measures the flow rates of gases and liquids that flow through a pipeline and determines the velocity of the fluid and the cross-sectional area of the pipe. It is noteworthy that an insertion thermal gas flow meter uses heat to measure the gas flow rate. It is done by heating one of the sensors of this meter which becomes a flow sensor, while the other sensor is made as a stable reference point under constant temperature. When the gas flows through the heated sensor, the heat is removed from the sensor, thereby cooling the same.

There is a marked temperature difference between the heated sensor and the reference sensor in this process. Again, to restore the energy, heat is applied to the flow sensor with the help of electric power. The flow, in this case, is measured by detecting the temperature rise when gas flows through the heated sensor.

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Advantages of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

There are a few distinct advantages of the above flow meters if high-quality products are used. In the first place, they have a very low-pressure drop. They mostly have very low-end sensitivity capable of detecting a pilot light in a gas flow line. Further, thermal mass flow meters have no moving parts.

The accuracy of such meters bought from a trustworthy and reputed thermal mass flow meter manufacturer is minus 0.25%, and repeatability is plus-minus 0.05%. If you have purchased your flow meter from the above company, you will notice that it is suitable for low viscosity fluids and therefore measures the smallest volume flows. The flow meter is most appropriate for dosing and filling systems and hence can be used in automobiles. You will find it beneficial for accurate dosing of release agent, valve seat testing simulation of exhaust gas to test lambda probe, and renewable energy in automobile manufacturing.

The main reason industries use such flow measurement is that it is an essential parameter in several applications. It improves health and safety on all fronts and is extremely cost-efficient. Hence, it is good for quality control during the process. The thermal flow meter is therefore ideal for automobiles.

Importance of Thermal Mass Flow Meters

It is generally understood that direct mass flow measurement is an important and effective development throughout industries. It is so because it eliminates inaccuracies caused by the physical properties of the fluid. Mass is not affected by changing temperature and pressure, and therefore mass flow meters give a relatively steady measurement.

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By Manali