The most important way to care for your Dodge vehicle is by performing routine maintenance and servicing. This will help keep your vehicle looking good and running smoothly. In general, there are routine maintenance practices you can handle on your own. Still, it’s also crucial to take your Dodge vehicle for professional service and maintenance at a reputable jeep dealership in Newton KS, that offers outstanding vehicle repair, maintenance, and servicing. A combination of regular daily maintenance and professional vehicle service will save you loads of stress. Conversely, if you skip the regular service and maintenance of your vehicle, it can have negative consequences on your vehicle. Read on to learn more about the effects of skipping regular vehicle maintenance.

The Effects Of Skipping Regular Vehicle Service

Higher cost of maintenance

One of the major reasons people skip their Dodge vehicle maintenance is the cost of the services. However, when you skip your vehicle’s professional service and maintenance, you’ll end up spending more money than you would have paid initially. When you take your vehicle for routine checkups, minor and impending problems can be detected and fixed early before it becomes full-blown and more expensive to repair.

Reduce Efficiency

Most vehicle owners sometimes overlook regular maintenance because their vehicle seems to be functioning properly. If you’re of this school of thought, it’s best to change your mindset because skipping regular Dodge vehicle service means your engine oil, radiator fluid, power engine fluid, transmission fluid, and others will likely not be up to the required level. 

All these oils and fluids help your vehicle function smoothly; some of them need to be refilled regularly, and some might require complete draining and replacement after a stipulated time. Hence, when these fluids are neglected for a long period, the level of performance of your vehicle will gradually reduce, and it could even damage your car engine.

In addition, during expert servicing, the engine will be cleaned to remove accumulated dirt and grime. If dirt and grime are left unchecked in a vehicle’s engine, it could interfere with the proper functioning of some parts of the engine. 


Issues such as engine overheating, brake failure, poorly aligned wheels, and more can be potential dangers to the driver, passengers, and pedestrians. It’s, therefore, essential to ensure that your vehicle is serviced regularly for safety purposes and to prevent mishaps.

Decreased Lifespan

A vehicle’s lifespan is determined by several factors, such as the quality of its parts and driving habits. Furthermore, the lifespan of a vehicle can also be extended by regular maintenance and taking preventive measures such as regular oil changes.

Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Check Tyre Pressure

In general, it’s recommended to gauge your tires once a month. However, before you drive out daily, endeavor to check the pressure of your tires. Your vehicle’s wheels drive on different roads with varying temperatures, and this can affect the pressure in your tires. When the pressure of your automobile is higher than its standard level, it can cause faster tire wear and tear, reduce traction, loss of control, and higher fuel consumption. 

Change the Windshield Wiper

The function of windshield wipers cannot be overemphasized; they help you clear out your windshield when driving in the rain and snow. Therefore, endeavor to check the rubber of your windshield wiper to see if they are worn out and need replacement. If you’re wondering how often to change your wiper blades, you should do so every six to twelve months or as soon as you notice a change in your driving visibility.

Wax Your Vehicle

You should wax your car occasionally if you want to prevent corrosion and maintain it glossy. When your car’s paint is covered in wax, it keeps those colors from fading, oxidizing, and changing color. A proper vehicle wax should be done once or twice a year to maintain the mirror-like sheen of your Dodge vehicle.

Keep Your Manual Handy

Your Dodge vehicle’s manual contains vital information about your automobile and important maintenance tips. You can use the manual to locate any part of your vehicle and learn about useful maintenance tips and several safety precautions. 

The most important advice for Dodge vehicle maintenance is to continue to have your vehicle professionally serviced and maintained regularly; it’s an investment that pays off well in the long run. By engaging in regular maintenance, you will enjoy your car for a more extended period.

By Manali