Many times you need to burn a DVD on Windows 10 in order to make file sharing easier or even to make backups. Nowadays a lot of people use USB drives for this purpose like creating bootable pendrive, or installing games but still, Windows 10 has the feature to burn DVDs. We have listed the different ways to burn DVDs on Windows 10 in this article. 

The prerequisites include an optical media drive either internal or plugin through USB where you can read and write DVDs into your PC. The necessary device drivers must have also been installed to work with the driver. Windows 10 has pre-installed drivers for this purpose. Keep some blank  DVD-R or DVD-RW discs to work with the drive. R is the disc type that allows only data to be written to but not erased. In RW type the data can be written to and erased as well.

First, log into your Windows 10 PC and insert a blank recordable DVD into the optical drive. A pop-up appears “Burn a Disc” on your screen after that. This is to select how to write the disc. They give few options:

The click on Next.

  • Like a USB flash drive: This helps to write and erase disc files using a live file system. As you write on to the disc, it doesn’t occupy any space in your system. Similarly while erasing you need not erase the entire disc, you can erase whatever you want. These discs are not compatible with OS versions below Windows XP.
  • The traditional method to burn is with the use of a DVD player. While writing or copying the files to your drive they are temporarily copied to a place like a cache called the staging area and written then all at once on the disc. These discs are compatible even with the older version of Windows. This is the master setup, after you burn the DVD on windows 10 you can’t erase or write to it further.


When you choose this option, then there is no need for any extra step while burning your DVD. A file explorer window will open up. This is where you can copy or write all your files directly to your DVD. You can drag and drop files into the folder. 

If you are using an RW type of disc then you can delete the files easily. While using an R file when you delete, always keep in mind the file becomes inaccessible but the space is not freed. Suppose your DVD drive has 800 MB space and you copy a video of 250 MB onto it. Now the free space on the DVD is 550 MB. If the DVD drive is RW type and you delete the video then the DVD has now 700 MB free space left. If the DVD type is of R type then you will have 550 MB free space left but the video won’t be seen on the drive. 

With a CD/DVD Player- Master Setup

When you choose this option a folder opens up with the label “Files ready to be written onto the disc”. This is the staging area where you can drag and drop or copy-paste your files. Once you do that the files are still not available on your disc. In the ribbon tab, you need to select driver tools and the Finish Burning option to write these media on your disc. You then would need to pick a recording speed. The highest speed possible must be selected to make this process faster. You can insert another DVD and burn the same files to it as well. 

When you have some videos that you want to burn to your blank DVD on windows 10, you can also make use of certain software like the DVDFab Movie Creator. It is one of the best DVD maker software in the market. It can be burned into DVD in various video formats like MKV, MP4, FLV, MT2S, etc. 

  • The DVD Creator software is very easy to use with making customizable DVD content. You can convert a lot of video formats into DVD and make it all very easy. 
  • Most of the time while burning using traditional methods the output video quality reduces substantially. This software fixes this issue. You can burn the DVD to watch on the big screen as the video quality is too good and never compromised.
  • You can build menus for your DVD. Now not just you are burning the DVD, you are also making the interface attractive and easier to navigate. Suppose you want to play the DVD on your TV set. With DVD Creator software you can create stylish navigation templates (pre-installed) and make the experience smoother. 
  • Apart from the pre-installed templates, you can customize your own as well. You can play with button positioning, font styles, background color, etc. 
  • Now no longer is the disc burning process long-drawn. This software has GPU acceleration enabled to fasten the process by 50 times.

Another software in the market is Express Burn. It can be downloaded onto Windows 10 here. You can make mp3 files to listen to in your disc player during car rides or convert them into video formats for the home theatre experience. There is no compromise to quality and a customized editing panel to select menus, style icons, font colors etc. 

WinX DVD Author is another such software for burning DVDs. You can even burn Youtube Videos to your DVD without compromise of quality and with a lot of features. You can burn with great speed, high quality, customize menus and even add subtitles to your videos. 

DVDs are outdated for quite a few but there are several ways they are still relevant. A lot of music and movies come in DVDs and are also shared through that medium. Here we selected the best tools to burn DVDs on Windows 10 apart from the generic methods. 

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