The Apple Watch is an epitome of what a smartwatch should be and what it should be doing. Like the AirPods, Apple mainstreamed smartwatches with the Apple Watch and it continues to be successful in the market. Undoubtedly, Apple’s smartwatch is a cracker of a device. However, there are certain Apple Watch settings that you should change for a better experience.

Apple Watch Tips For a Better User Experience

No matter which Apple Watch series you’re using, certain things are common to all generations and variants of the smartwatch. Case in point: watchOS. Due to Apple’s policy of enabling updates on most of their devices at the same time, the latest watchOS 8 is compatible with the Series 3 and above. So, there are certain default settings that are present on all Apple Watches that you should customise for a better experience. Read on to find out which Apple Watch settings you should change.

  • Customise Your Activity Goals

By default, Apple wants you to exercise for 30 minutes and stand for a cumulative 12 hours a day. But, you can adjust the activity goals based on your goals. Earlier, Apple only let you change your Move goals that tracked the amount of calories you burnt. However, with last year’s watchOS 7 update, you can change the amount of time you need to exercise and stand. Head to Activity app > Change Goals > Adjust the timings as per your preference.

Though this is a minute change in the Apple Watch settings, it can help you close those activity rings more often. Plus, with a customised setting, you aren’t bound to what Apple wants you to do. You can push further gradually and adjust your activity goals accordingly.

  • Increase Font Size

With the GPS + Cellular version of the Apple Watch, you can leave your iPhone behind and continue staying connected. Furthermore, even without Cellular connection on your Apple Watch, the device will notify you about incoming texts, emails, and calls. However, the small screen makes it difficult to read and it’s likely you’ll still end up using your iPhone.

To make up for the smaller screen, you can adjust the font size for the Apple Watch. Head to the Settings App > Scroll down to Text > Rotate the Digital Crown or tap the letters that appear on either side to choose the most comfortable option.

  • Find Apps Easily

No doubt the honeycomb grid effect looks great, but searching for apps is a hassle. That’s why we have the option to change the grid view to a more convenient list view via the Apple Watch settings app. Head to Settings > View > List View.

With these easy Apple Watch settings, you can change the way you interact with your smartwatch and make the most of Apple’s wearable device. Hope these Apple Watch settings are useful for you.

By Manali

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