Dubai is one of the best places to visit as winter approaches. Dubai is undoubtedly a year-round destination, but in the winter, it is a magical spot where you can enjoy clear skies and beautiful weather, as well as a range of activities.

Take yourself to the sky with Ain Dubai tickets or explore the marvels of blue waters with yacht rental Dubai.

Prepare yourself and set out to discover Dubai’s top winter activities.

●     Camping

Camping is one of the most popular winter activities in Dubai. Whether you choose the desert, mountains, or seaside, you won’t have to deal with the heat throughout the day.

You have a variety of options to pick from, ranging from novice locations to pro-only sites.

Fujairah Beach is one of the best places to camp in the UAE. It’s directly in front of the Sandy Beach Hotel and Resort, where you’ll pitch your tent straight on the beach. It’s worth noting that it can get crowded on weekends.

Visit Liwa in Abu Dhabi for a more authentic camping experience. It’s one of the world’s most gorgeous desserts, and it’s teeming with wildlife, so it should be on your camping bucket list.

Make the necessary preparations. Hire an off-road vehicle and bring a compass, shovel, and plenty of water with you.

●     Take the Dhow Cruise or a Yacht

On the Dhow Cruise in Dubai Marina or the Creek, enjoy a relaxed evening with fun and entertainment on a traditional Arabic boat, the Dhow. Dhow Cruise is known for its Tanura dancers and their bright costumes, which bring a smile to everyone’s face. A three-course dinner buffet is normally included with a Dhow Cruise. Bring your camera since there will be plenty of photo opportunities. Make a reservation for this one-of-a-kind and relaxing event right now. This place is the ideal alternative to the hustle and bustle of city life. You can also hire a private yacht from any yacht rental in Dubai to spend a private evening.


Every year, tourists flock to Dubai to see the unbelievable turquoise water, but few have seen what lies beneath the surface. At Amazing Sea Environment, you can try scuba diving if you’re brave enough to explore the underwater world. Even complete beginners can participate in diving classes. Barracudas, killifish, angelfish, numerous types of rays, and if you’re lucky, a turtle or two can all be found in Dubai’s warm coastal waters. So why not take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city for a relaxing underwater adventure as in DivingLore?

●     Come to Dubai Shopping Festival

This season this amazing festival is held to take your winter celebrations to another level. Empty your pockets while shopping at this mega festival or go sightseeing and roam in the streets to see the amazing marvels.

●     Observe the Dubai Fountains

In the winter, one of the coolest things to do in Dubai is to board an Arba and sail over the Burj lake to see the world’s second-largest synchronized fountain. With a range of 900 feet and the ability to spray over 22,000 gallons of water at any given time, the Dubai Fountain is one of the most enticing tourist attractions in Dubai. The fountain, which has about 6,600 lights and 50coloredd projectors, plays a range of Arabic and global music. During the winter, it is also one of the top spots to visit in Dubai.

The Verdict

Kudos to you that you have made it to an end! This winter keeps yourself warm and cozy and lets the endless fun of Dubai make every moment of your holidays colorful.

By Manali

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