Does it feel like time has sped up? You’ve had your hair cut at the barbershop, and now you’re wondering when to go again.

Well, if you haven’t already got an idea of what haircut would suit you best, maybe this article can help with that!

We all know the type – of guys that roll into the barbershop with no plan whatsoever, and they demand attention from the barber.

Whether you’re a stickler for cleanliness or want to ensure that your barber has enough time to work their magic, these are the ways to prepare for your next haircut should help:

1) Find A Barber/Stylist That You Like

A good relationship with your stylist is essential, so finding one that’s right for you can be challenging. However, if you’re lucky enough to find a barber/stylist that you like, stick to them!

2) Plan Ahead

If possible, plan your haircut a week or two beforehand by booking an appointment, and making this simple step will set you up for success and save you time and money in the long run.

3) Give Yourself Some Time

You deserve a break, and a haircut is a perfect opportunity to do just that! By not rushing to get your hair cut, you can enjoy it more.

Arriving at your Barber shop gives you time to relax, avoid rushing on your way out after being all finished up, and establishes a good relationship with your barber.

4) Check Out Customer Reviews

Find out what other people are saying about the barber you’re considering. While some shops will have an online page set up, others may not. If that’s the case, give them a call and ask for feedback from previous customers.

5) Avoid Distractions

Make sure you’re not bringing any distractions with you. It includes your phone, mp3 player, or book.

Your barber may want to converse during the more detailed parts of your haircut, so paying attention will help them out tremendously.

6) Make Small Talk

Everyone loves a good chat. Well, your barber/stylist does too! Making small talk with them will put you both at ease and create a more comfortable atmosphere. You never know – they may even give you a discount for being so friendly.

7) Be Honest About What You Can Afford

By telling your barber the truth from the get-go, you avoid any misunderstandings down the road.

Not only that, but it also ensures that you don’t end up with a bill that’s higher than expected because they thought you could afford more.

8) Make Sure To Tip

Don’t forget! If your barber/stylist has done a great job, a tip is more than appropriate. Tipping can range anywhere from 10-25% of the total bill, and according to most barbers, it doesn’t have to be cash either.

9) Prioritize Your Hair Products

If you aren’t familiar with them, hair products add shine and thickness while giving your hairstyle that extra “oomph.”

If you don’t want to arrive at the barbershop empty-handed, make sure to prioritize your hair products.

10) Organize

Please keep all your receipts, product lists, and appointments in order by organizing them beforehand. It ensures that everything is kept neat, which will catch the eye of your stylist.

11) Double check

Always double-check that your papers are in order, that you have all of your hair products, etc., by the time you enter the barber’s shop. That way, you can focus on relaxing until it’s time for your cut!

12) Don’t Be Rushed

As busy as some barbershops are, your stylist will appreciate the extra time it takes to sit you down and listen to what you have to say.

Don’t be rushed into making a decision or taking on more than you can handle – take a breath and relax!

If your barber/stylist gives you the option of waiting until the shop is quiet, take it! It’s not often that someone walks in during a lull, so your stylist will appreciate the extra time.

13) Unplug

Don’t forget to unplug! Avoid the use of your phone, mp3 player, or book. The more you can tune everything out and relax, the better your experience will be in-chair.

14) Prepare Your Hair

To prepare for your haircut, make sure to wash it before getting it cut. Also, if possible, try to refrain from styling it (e.g., straightening/curling). It will ensure that everything goes smoothly and nothing gets ruined.

15) Make A List Of Questions

Before your haircut, make a list of any questions about your hair, products, etc., to save time and ensure that everything is addressed during the appointment. It will allow you to relax more while you’re in-chair!


The more you can prepare for your next haircut, the better. By taking care of yourself and getting everything done beforehand, you give yourself some time to relax and enjoy the experience.

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By Manali