Google is always updating its algorithms to ensure that it is providing its users with relevant and top-quality content. Every year, Google introduces loads of updates into the system. Knowing these algorithms helps you stay in line with the best practices to improve your rankings. Let us get into the 8 biggest google algorithms of 2021. Also, see here for your website design and marketing.

  • Passage Ranking 

Introduced in February 2021, this algorithm helps Google to use artificial intelligence to index both web pages and passages. This allows a specific passage on your page to show up on the search engine result page as the featured snippet. You are not to fit your posts for passage ranking but rather use long-tail keywords and structure your content well to make the algorithm easily index your page. 

  • About This Result 

This algorithm was also introduced in February 2021. It provides additional information to individual search results to help users determine results that are important to them. This algorithm shows information like when the website was first indexed by Google; if your connection to the website is safe; and also the language of the page.  

  • Mobile-First Indexing 

With the number of mobile searches exceeding the number of desktop searches, Google began to place more importance on your website being mobile-friendly. The algorithm helps Google to rank your website pages according to the mobile version of that content. 

  • Product Reviews 

This algorithm of April 2021 helps to encourage product reviews that are of high quality. A product review should provide diligent research, analysis, and authentic content. 

  • Multitask Unified Model (MUM) 

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) is a natural language model that uses contextual information from different sources to present an answer to complex questions. Introduced in May 2021, it is more powerful than BERT which was introduced in October 2019. 

  • Link Spam 

This algorithm was introduced in June 2021 and it is used to check and make sure that your website is protected against spam. You should be wary of this algorithm especially if your website allows user interaction through comments and forums. 

  • Page Experience 

To provide quality content for users, a new set of algorithms was introduced through page experience called Core Web Vitals. This algorithm tracks a user’s experience on a webpage with three metrics. First, the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) used to monitor a website’s speed. Next, First Input Delay (FID) for how quickly a webpage responds to a user’s first action. Third, Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for how stable a layout is. 

  • Page Titles 

This new algorithm was introduced in August 2021. It was introduced to no longer adjust titles according to queries like it has been for over a decade. But rather to better represent the page as a whole. 

As a website owner, you must know about all the new algorithms introduced into the system. This is so you can improve your SEO strategy to fit it and leverage existing opportunities. If you feel you need help getting your website optimized for the new algorithm, reach out to an SEO expert.

By Manali

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