Whether you are from India, Pakistan, or any other country, you can’t ignore the latest fashion trends. While if you are a girl, you would just like fashion because you can’t stop following the latest fashion trends. Girls are mad for fashion because they wanted to look beautiful, stylish, and up to date.

Indian girls are more into fashion and they always love to follow the latest fashion trends. They follow Bollywood celebrities on their social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. They also follow different fashion YouTube channels to get the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Adopting the latest fashion trends is sometimes very costly and every Indian girl is not able to afford that. So, they look for some frugal female fashion tips and ideas so that they can look stylish on a budget.

Here are some latest fashion trends that most Indian girls are following:

Wear Blazer With Saree

Indian girls love to wear saree as this is the traditional dress of Indian women. There are different styles in saree and you can choose one that fits your body shape. You can also wear a saree and select how much skin to show like you can wear a backless blouse, or a half blouse showing your navel.

Whatever saree style you choose, you can wear a plain or printer blazer over a saree to look different, yet stylish. This new trend of wearing blazers with saree is super cool and looks elegantŪ”

Look Stylish with Long Boots

Wearing a t-shirt with tights and long boots is not a new style for Indian street fashion. But it is still trendy and a lot of girls can turn all the heads towards them by wearing these fabulous long boots with tights and a shirt.

There are different ways and different outfits you can wear with long boots.

Colorful Dupatta With White Suit

India is known for colors as different colors are used at different local festivals. You can see a glimpse of these colors in Indian women’s clothing as well. Wearing a colorful dupatta with a white salwar kameez makes an Indian girl looks so attractive and beautiful.

Even if you see Pakistani actress dresses, they also love to wear white salwar kameez and with that, they love to have a multi-colored dupatta.

Tube Tops With Shorts or Flared Jeans

Wearing a tube top with flared jeans is something out of the world. Indian modern girls love to wear a tube tank top with jeans at parties and university events. In big cities like Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi, wearing a tube top is normal.

Those girls who like to look sexier, wear the tube top with denim shorts as well. But with most tube tops, you can’t wear a strapped bra. A strapless bra is good to wear with the tube top. Whatever dress you wear as a girl, it is important to wear the right size of the bra so that your clothes look perfect on your body.

For that, you should know how to measure the correct bra size at home. You can do this very well by using a measurement tape and measuring the size correctly.

Final Words

These are the 4 simple and trendy fashion styles for Indian girls for parties, events, and for street fashion. They can adopt this fashion style on a budget without spending a lot of money.

As a girl, you just need to take care that you adopt the fashion and the outfit according to your body type and shape. With that, you should wear the correct size of your innerwear.

By Manali