In the 50s and 60s, wide-brimmed hats were standard accessories in the fashion industry. However, they are less used nowadays. Choosing the perfect headwear is a daunting and challenging process. Selecting a hat that complies with your style and goes with your face shape are significant factors that you have to consider. If you are a fashion-forward person, you must look for a fashion statement that compliments your attire and takes your personality to the next level. Luckily, if you are ready to invest your time selecting the headwear, you may achieve a great fit and flattering headwear to go with your sense of style.

Consider face shape while selecting a hat

Different face shapes go well with various hat styles. If you have a round contour or face shape, you can easily experiment. It is because round shaped faces go well with any headwear. However, if you have a diamond-shaped look with a broad cheekbone, you must go for hats with a small brim, and the crown pinched. Trilby and fedora hats are the best option for diamond-shaped faces.

On the other hand, if you have an oblong face that is less broad and long, fedora hats with a wide brim are the best option. These western hats will help you pull attention away from the length of the face. Never go with narrow brim hats because they will unnecessarily create an impression of a long look.

People might say you have a candid look if you have a square face contour with a large jaw and wide cheekbones. A large floppy hat like a Derby hat is the best choice for these faces. This headwear’s distinct edges and rounded curves create a fabulous impression that grabs every attention. Wear hats with prominent crowns and give an image of a longer head.

Choose a styling attitude that goes with your personality

Before you select a hat, look at different styles. There are multiple variations of wide-brimmed hats available in the market. Grab a look at various types and brands of wide-brimmed hats. Try to figure out the style which complements your face and goes well with your occasion. Look at online stores and visit hat stores to get an idea of which types are in trend. Think of your location and how others will accept the hat. For instance, cowboy headwear is appreciated in the rural sector. Along with this, you have to purchase several other factors, which are listed below:

• Popular wide-brimmed hats encompass border hats, gambler hats, trilbies, fedoras, cowboy hats, and Derby hats.

• Boater hats come with a two-inch brim and rounded top. These styles were popular in the 1800s and 1900s.

• Western hats, also known as cowboy hats, were popular in western society. The wide brim of these hats is a distinguishing feature that has helped it grab attention.

• Derby hats, on the other hand, are worn by females and come with elaborate bows and huge prints. They are essential for Derby racing and have thereby got the name.

Select the material cautiously

The hat material is the central factor that every hat buyer must consider. Whether it is a narrow brim hat or a wide-brimmed hat, they are available in different materials. Decide on the material based on climate and style. Materials like leather, wool, and fleece are good options for the cold weather. On the other hand, you have linen, bamboo, and straw hats for women, for the hot weather. Apart from this, you have to look into the following points:

• Try different styles to see which one suits your face.

• Evaluate your budget and determine the amount you intend to invest in the headwear.

• Go for an economical option like Derby hats and bucket hats. They are constructed from cheap material and therefore are cost-effective.

• Choose the color depending on the skin tone. You may go for warm tones like green, blue, creamy white, and golden yellow if you have a neutral shade. If you have a calm skin tone, then ruby, lavender, bright blue, and grey will be best.

Wear the right clothes with a hat. When wearing wide-brimmed hats, selecting the appropriate garments will help you create the right balance. Try going for those outfits that will highlight the headwear and create a distinct appeal. Always plan your outfit in a way that makes your hat the centerpiece. The clothes must be well fitted for men and not baggy or loose. For females, wearing loose and long clothes is better because it goes well with wide-brimmed hats. White t-shirt, denim jacket, and slim jeans go well with bowler or fedora hats.

When you wear your attire, you must have the confidence to carry your headwear. If you want to grab everyone’s attention, learn the best way of wearing a wide-brimmed hat. On the other hand, sunglasses, sandals, and flowing dresses are the best combinations with Derby hats.

By Manali