Freelancing can be done with ease. These tools have proven pivotal in building collaborations in the freelance sphere and editing online. Good tools can be an excellent team-building resource for organizations, teams, individuals, and freelancers. These tools will give better productivity and service satisfaction.

5 Essential Digital Tools For Business and Freelancing

Everyone who is into online business or freelancing needs these tools because they are helpful for team-building, access to diverse human resources and talents, and boosting workflow efficiency. We can find many tools today, but below are the five tools that can make your freelancing work easier because they foster efficiency and better working experience.

PDFBear – Adding Watermark to Documents and File Conversion

In the world of freelancing, you might need to brand your digital files, and that means, you’ll need a tool like PDFBear to add a watermark to your PDF file. There are a number of reasons why you need to watermark your files. One is to avoid duplication of your work on the internet. If you would like to add watermark to pdf online to your online files like photos or PDF documents, PDFBear is the best tool to use. Apart from adding watermarks, you can also perform conversions to different file formats using this tool.

PDFBear converter works with the internet, and it wouldn’t work if your connection is slow, but it converts your files quickly and faster without wasting your time. As a freelancer, you can still get back your file, even when you cannot open it due to a technical error. You can use this tool to add, merge or split pages of your PDF files.

During file conversion, no harm can fall on some of your essential documents, thereby helping give out an excellent output. With PDFBear, you can convert your files and perform most functions on your PDF in two minutes. One of the advantages of this tool is that it helps keep things simple, more accessible, and not complex. When converting or editing any file is that you rest assured that you wouldn’t lose any files.

When you have a strong network, you can make the necessary edits you need to your computer in a few minutes. It can analyze, extract and convert selected pdf images and files in less than 60 seconds. You can even share your files via email.PdfBear is the only file converter that can give good service and features for free. After conversion with PDFBear, the quality of your file is retained, and the borders and picture resolution is still the same. There is no need for technical know-how while using PDFBear, as you can simply follow the instructions on the site.

It gives you all the time in the world to download your file and delete it. They can delete your files permanently from its server, and you can resize your data for free. As a freelancer, your work is made more accessible and branded when they are watermarked. PDFBear works on various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Kennected – LinkedIn Automation & Outreach Software

If your marketing strategy is primarily inclined towards social media marketing where you use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to drive your sales, then you must know how tedious and repetitive some of the associated tasks can be. Visiting profiles, sending connection requests, and then following up with messages can get very tedious very quickly. Automating these repetitive tasks consisting of prospecting, building outreach campaigns, increasing profile views, and follow-up messaging can save up a lot of time which then can be utilized for more important tasks. 

Thus, you must use the best software of automation that can be associated with these social media platforms to smoothen the sales funnel. For example, you can automate and customize these processes on LinkedIn using Kennected, the leading LinkedIn outreach sales platform. This tool for LinkedIn automation from Kennected can help you create customized lead-generating campaigns that can make you money and save you time.  Also, you do not need to have a LinkedIn sales navigator in order to run Kennected. 

You can not only customize initial conversations, but also one or two follow-up messages and video messages with this tool. One of the significant advantages of using this tool is that they also provide marketing tactics and expertise. Kennected is essentially a very sophisticated SAAS product for LinkedIn or a LinkedIn bot. It makes the process of generating leads and connections on LinkedIn seamless.

WorkPuls – Managing Remote Workers

If you are managing a freelance team, then you should monitor your whole team remotely. For making your freelance team more productive, you should use PC tracking software. It will be useful for better performance.

Managing a remote workforce will be more effective for your business and it will be helpful for achieving the organizations’ goals. Your employees will be focusing on their work. It will increase the productivity rate.

Hub Staff – Managing Your Team

A freelancer needs a Hubstaff tool for his work. Any freelancing company that has many employees can use this tool to keep track of their workers. To help move work forward, this tool or software can measure the time they reported at work and when they left.

It can keep track of time without an internet connection as long as they are logged into the software app. It helps to reduce distractions. They help to check which work is assigned to a specific worker. When this tool is available, you can keep track of all your workers and make sure they perform their specified tasks.

Canva – Graphic Design

A freelancer can use canvas to perform simple graphic design tasks. It has a drag and drops feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, presentations and logos. It can transform images with multiple editing options. Social media presentations, graphics, posters, and visual content are created with the tool. It has a template for its users.

It has a free platform to use and offers paid subscriptions like canva pro for enterprises for exceptional functionality. No graphic design experience is needed for this tool. The multiple templates and fonts are used with ease. With this tool, you can create an engaging design with just a few clicks. If you are a freelancer looking to make your work easier, use a canva.

Buzzsumo – Online Trend Research

This tool or platform will help a freelancer find out the best engagement, detail, and content opportunities with its cloud-based system across many things. With it, you can discover many questions asked by customers and new keywords. It helps with research by discovering what is shared on the platforms, thereby providing content for people.

Buzzsumo analyzes where some topics are talked about and how they can be used. As a freelancer, it gives the opportunity or perhaps allows you to be updated when work and content are posted by setting keywords. They can save you time. All your online efforts can become successful as you choose to employ buzz sumo.

Zoom – Video Conferencing

This is a collaborative app that helps build bridges and connect people. Their video conferencing App gives people an almost one-on-one experience. It brings things to reality. Its platform can connect as many as you can imagine together. People who might not have known each other can use it to coordinate work efforts. Some people prefer to meet and broker deals one on one, but with zoom, that option can be eliminated.


Freelancers have these tools available for them to use to make their work easier. Online businesses are greatly influenced by tools that greatly influence their brand and outreach, so therefore getting access to these tools is highly recommended for creativity and production. To make work easier and faster, make sure these tools are used, employed, and blended in your online activities.

No business person wants to run into loss and no profit. They are always interested in growing their enterprise to far-reaching users who would remarkably require this service. You wouldn’t want to have a business that does not offer customer satisfaction. Enormous benefits emanate when these tools are adopted, used, and employed. Help make your work easier by using this tool in a way that will turn productivity both for you and your workers.

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