CompTIA stackable certification for a series of credentials to build your skills to develop a strong team and support the development and growth of their ongoing professional. This program helps in the acquisition of skills and offers the achievement of reliable CompTIA certification that is relied on by employers when their IT team staff. Here, we will talk about CompTIA stackable certification in detail. Mari Selami.

 CompTIA A+ certification

What certification can be stacked?

Certification that can be stacked is a combination of certification that is in harmony with certain job roles. It shows that you have got some CompTIA A+ certification and have the knowledge and experience needed to grow your IT career.

Why is stackable certification useful for professionals?

• Certifications that can be stacked indicate your deeper control and validate the skills of various IT roles, open up more employment opportunities for you.

• This confirms the high level of technical competence and the qualifications needed to take your career to the next level.

• Certifications that can be stacked are harmonized in various roles of IT and career paths and functioning as a successful IT career foundation.

To secure this certification that can be stacked, you need to have an active CE certification with a re-certification, which will also authenticate that your skills are updated.

Compatia Line & Career Level

Stackable CompTIA certification follows these two CompTIA career paths:

• Computia infrastructure career path

• Cybersecury CompTIA career path

Certification of stackable CompTIA is categorized based on the level of experience in each path:

• Specialists: early career professionals have 0-2 years experience

• Professional: Middle level IT professionals have 2-5 years experience

• Experts: establishing IT professionals have more than 5 years of experience

CompTIA Infrastructure Career Line

After you follow the Joint CompTIA Infrastructure Career Charts, CompTIA A +, Computia A +, CompTIA Security +, CompTIA Server +, CompTIA Linux +, and CompTIA Cloud +, it validates the script needed in IT operations, expanding mastery of your skills and increasing the number The role of infrastructure where you can contribute.


IT Operation Specialist CompTIA (CIO)

(A + and A +)

• Manage workplace flow and increase daily activities.

• Identify customer needs and analysis of business operations.

CompTIA System Support Specialist (CSSS)

(A + and Linux +)

• Responsible for all aspects of technical assistance and table assistance support.

• Overcoming various user problems, including solving A problems, software, and hardware.


CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP)

(A + and Cloud +)

• Helping organizations maximize business opportunities created by Cloud.

Professional CompTIA A Infrastructure (CNIP)

(A + and + server)

• Present complex infrastructure design projects from initiation through development and shipping.

CompTIA Linux A Professional (CLNP)

(A + and Linux +)

• Provide direct support and monitoring of the main internal systems and clients.

Cybersecury CompTIA Career Strip

Cybersecury CompTIA career path allows technical specialists to achieve cybersecury mastery, with CompTIA A +, CompTIA A +, CompTIA Security + Cybersecurity CompTIA analyst (CYSA +), and the CompTIA Advanced Security Practioner (CASP +).


CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS)

(A +, A +, security +)

Able to support hardware and software systems and protect your organization’s assets from internal and external threats.


CompTIA Secure Cloud Cloud Professional (CSCP)

(Security + and Cloud +)

• Overcoming business challenges and technical security in the company’s cloud computing environment.

Professional Security Analytics Certification (CSAP)

(Security + and CYSA +)

• Plan and carry out security measures to protect A As and computer systems.

Professional Certification of A Vulnerability Assessment (CNVP)

(Security + and Pentest +)

• Scan the system and application to detect vulnerabilities that can be used as a blueprint for repairs.

CompTIA (CNSP) A security professional

(Security +, Pentest +, CYSA +)

• Analyze security risks and A monitors for unauthorized threats or users, therefore, develop response procedures.


CompTIA security analysis experts (CSAE)

(Security +, CYSA +, CASP)

• Engineer security solutions and produce security-based research results on analytical data.

CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (Cise)

(Security +, CYSA +, PENTEST +, CASP)

• Manage and lead infrastructure and information security projects in global organizations.

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