If you use PDFs often, one problem you may have encountered is creating an Excel spreadsheet out of your PDF document. In the past, this would have meant manually copying every data from the PDF tables and pasting it on an Excel sheet. It is time-consuming and a waste of energy.

But nowadays, it is easier to transfer PDF-based data to an Excel spreadsheet with the help of PDFBear tools. You can save a lot of time because the online tools do the tasks for you. This is a big relief for many people who have hectic schedules and a long list of things to accomplish.

PDFBear is so Handy

Converting PDFs to Excel Format

You don’t need a expensive PDF download software. You can now avail of the pdf to excel converter from PDFBear.com instead.

As long as you have stable Internet access in your area, you can rely on their tool anywhere you might be. The cloud services will allow you to use PDFBear wherever you are and whenever you need it the most.

Time is Not a Problem

The tool works really fast and you just need seconds to process this. To start the process, just access the website and make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Then you can select the correct PDF from your device. You can choose to use the “select file” button or do the drag and drop. Enter the correct text or image which you intend to do as your watermark for the documents.

Choosing and Editing Watermarks Is So Easy

The watermark text itself can also be edited if you want to. You can also choose an appropriate image for the watermark. Some people will also go the extra mile and add both text and image watermarks. Just make sure the watermark is really what you want to convey to your document recipient. It’s up to you!

Accessing Technology With Ease

The PDFBear.com tool can work on practically any device. As long as the device is connected to a strong Internet network and robust signal, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. The cloud service is also adaptable to any browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Operating systems are also not a problem since the cloud service lends itself well to the major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Ubuntu.

Add Other Tools Conveniently Available

As a valuable bonus, the tool can be used on the same device as other tools from PDFBear.com. So, you can do other amendments of the same PDF aside from adding the watermark. For example, you may want to convert the PDF itself into a JPG or PNG image file afterward. This is easily done with the Convert from PDF tools. You can also alter the page numbering if necessary.

The Value of Saving Time with the PDFBear.com Tool

Your time is valuable to you and other people, particularly to your superior officers in the same organization. It doesn’t matter if you’re still a college student or already a full-time employee. Since time is so precious, the last thing you want is to waste time on a routinary task. That is the ultimate value of a PDFBear.com tool.

You can do many other things if you save much time. For instance, you can get started on that project that your boss assigned to you weeks ago. You can babysit your children so that your spouse can do some other work. You can take that college course that you have been preparing for. You can get household chores done when necessary. And you can practice making music as your new pastime. It’s just a matter of finding the right tool to help you.

Valid Concerns Regarding the Tool

You may be worried about using the PDFBear.com tool because of privacy issues. The good news is that the PDFBear.com site doesn’t retain your valuable content onsite. Actually, right after you’ve used it for a particular document, the website will count to 60 minutes then erase the data. Not a single character will be retained in the site.

The truth is, the website maintains 256-bit encryption technology. This makes the site very secure against malicious attacks.

Another advantage when you use the PDFBear.com service is that you may discover other PDFBear.com tools that are useful for PDF documents. For instance, you can merge two different PDFs using one of the tools of PDFBear.com. You may split one PDF after you’ve added the right watermarks so that you wind up with two separate PDFs. You may even convert an Excel file into a PDF if you really need to!

If you are interested in the cloud service and its tools, you can try out the site for 14 days at no charge. This Free Trial will allow you to take advantage of some or all the tools on the website. This may convince you that the PDFBear.com service is really beneficial and apt for your PDF documents.

Take note that if you sign up for the Free Trial that the site will automatically ask you to provide payment details. This helps them keep track of whoever would like to eventually start paying for a subscription. The price of one subscription to the PRO Subscription Plan is $111.90 per year. And if you’re on a budget, that’s just $11.99 per month. Not bad, considering you get so much in return, right?


Time can be said to be the most precious resource of humankind. Those who know how to best use their time are the ones who accomplish more daily. If your time is limited, the last task you want to do is convert a PDF into an Excel file because it is a hassle. Now you have a good solution to opt for if you need to convert PDFs into the Excel file format quickly. Try out this tool today!

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