When Can I Apply for Canadian Citizenship

If you’ve been living in Canada for some time, you may be interested in applying Canadian citizenship. To make this country your home, you’ll need to know some pertinent information, starting with when you can apply.

Eligibility for Canadian Citizenship

To be eligible to apply for citizenship in Canada, you must be a permanent resident. You might need to file personal income taxes for at least three of the past five years. During this five-year period, you must live in Canada for at least three of those years. 

You will need to show that you have a working understanding of English or French and comprehend the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship. This requirement is for people who are between the ages of 18 and 54 when they apply. 

You may lose your current citizenship when you become a citizen of Canada. Not all countries allow dual citizenship. 

Calculating Your Time in Canada

If you have traveled between Canada and other countries, you will need to calculate the number of days you have been in the country. It’s important to use an online calculator that you can print off and return with your application. 

Double-check your totals before submitting your application. Any errors can cause delays in processing. The application can be sent back for you to rework. 

Gather Your Documents

Before you apply for citizenship, you will need to have several documents. You will need to have the Online Physical Presence Calculation form to show how much time you have spent in the country. Make color copies of each page of your passport or travel documents. 

Make copies of two documents for personal identification. These may include your driver’s license, health insurance card, permanent resident card, the biographical part of the passport, or other documents that verify your identity. Last but not least, you need to clear IELTS exam to proceed.

For Those Between 18 and 54

If you are between these ages, you’ll need to show proof of your ability to speak English or French. This may include a diploma or certificate from an education program or a language test. You must reach level four or higher of the Canadian Language Benchmark. 

If you can’t meet this requirement, you’ll need to provide evidence as to why. It may be medical statements from a doctor about a hearing impairment or cognitive issue. 

Complete the Application

You’ll need to complete the application for citizenship. When applying for Canadian citizenship, you’ll also be required to pay a fee. 

Some of the questions included in the application include any names you have used previously, marital status, and physical address. 

Temporary Residency

When calculating how much time you have spent in Canada, you can include the time as a visitor, student, and temporary worker. 

If you were in the country as a protected person, you can also include this time. A protected person includes someone who is a refugee. If you or your spouse or your parent were in the Canadian Armed Forces and you were outside of the country on duty, you can count this time as part of your residency. You will need to submit supporting paperwork. 

Prior Addresses and Other History

When filling out the application, you will list every address you have had while in Canada. You will also need to include any address outside of the country. 

Any address where you lived since turning 18, in the past four years, or where you spent more than 183 days will need a police certificate. However, you don’t need a certificate for your prior home country. 

As part of the application, you will need to list all work and study that has been completed while in Canada. Any time spent in between jobs must be accounted for as well. 

If you worked more than one job at a time, you will need to include each job. It’s important to not leave any lines blank, or the application may get sent back to you. 

Any Reasons You May Be Prohibited

If you have been arrested or had charges brought against you, it’s important that you provide information about the situation. The application provides details about what is needed. Your situation will be reviewed on an individual basis. 

If you leave out information or lie on your application, your citizenship can be revoked even after it has been granted. It is important to provide supporting documents for everything you submit. 

Working with an Immigration Consulting Firm When Applying Canadian Citizenship

As you can see, the process of applying for Canadian citizenship can be daunting. Many applications are rejected due to inaccurate or incomplete information. 

You can avoid many problems and make sure your application is complete by working with an immigration consulting firm. They stay up to date on current law and any changes made to citizenship requirements. As professionals in the industry, they can make the process much smoother for you. The F2A category refers to family-based preference immigrants, specifically spouses and unmarried children (under the age of 21) of lawful permanent residents (LPRs), who are also known as green card holders.

By Manali