You keep on searching for your dream house and have a vision of your requirements. Suppose you have found a home and made up your mind to buy it. How do you know that it is a good house? Only a real estate agent can help you in this matter!

What Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent When Buying A House?

If you have already hired a Newcastle Buyers Agent, you have already done a good job. Ask them the questions to ensure that the house perfectly fits the needs of you or your family. Confused about what to ask? Here are some best questions you should ask your real estate agent to make sure that you don’t face any future issues after making a purchase.

Question 1 – Why is the owner selling the house and the duration of their living?

The home seller can have many reasons for selling their property, maybe due to their job relocation or because the home is slowly settling into the ground. You can ask the agent about the motive behind the home sale of the owner as this will help you measure the intention more clearly. You will better investigate if the home is a good fit for you or not. There is a chance of price negotiation if the seller needs to move somewhere else within a prearranged time. Also, keep a check for how long the owner is living in the house and if there is any personal reason related to the neighborhood or taking a leave in another country.

Question 2 – What is the market like in the home’s neighborhood?

Hardly anyone wants to live in the neighborhood that is moving to the range of foreclosures. This can happen with some neighborhoods having deserted houses for sale by the bank signs during the street. There can be a neighborhood in a weakened state and you will not get an idea until you move into the house. Your real estate agent can guide you about the neighborhood market and specifically if there’s any concern related to the declining of the neighborhood in terms of significance.

Question 3 – What is the value of the property?

Since nobody except you can decide the offering price, an expert real estate agent can help you in comparing similar homes in the neighborhood and the Medallion Mohali prices they are sold for. You can take help from your real estate agent about the high and low prices of similar properties. Utilize this to make a trained offer on that specific home.

Question 4 – What is the flexibility of the seller for price?

If you make a low offer on the home, this can be offensive for the buyer and the chances of purchasing the home may get reduced. Get suggestions from your listing agent for if the seller is willing to transmit on their asking price.

Question 5 – What about the acknowledgement by sellers?

When a homeowner plans to sell a home, they have to publish if there are any problems associated with the house. You can ask your agent what is the condition of the home and about the state of the system and application before you decide to make an offer.

Question 6 – How often the property is sold?

If the 3 BHk Store Medallion Flats at Aero City has been published in the real estate market multiple times within the past many years, there is a plausibility of a problem in the house that the owners have discovered and decided not to make a purchase. Either location or neighborhood, small things affect the interest of buyers. Collaborate with the real estate agent to check out how soon the home is being moved out of and if the cases are high, find out why.

Question 7 – What is the home duration in the market?

If the home is found to be in the market for longer durations, there can be some issues with the property or the seller is not willing to negotiate the asking price. Ask your agent how long the home is in the market and why the sale did not happen.

Question 8 – When will the seller be moving out?

The relocation of the seller is equally important as your entry into the house. If the seller is planning to move quickly for their new job, you may get a chance to negotiate the price. In the other case, if the seller is in no hurry to leave the house, you will get more time to inspect the home and to check if there are any flaws with the property.

Question 9 – What about the property tax and utility bills?

When planning to buy a house, you should make an idea of the budget to make sure that you can afford it. The steps are getting pre-qualified for a loan from your bank so that you can get an idea of the monthly mortgage payment.

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