Real estate agents’ dream is social media since it is filled with pretty pictures and curious users. With an understanding of how to take advantage of the platform, you can reap its rewards.

Optimizing your real estate social media presence is difficult because you don’t know where to start, you don’t know what tactics to use, and you don’t know what ideas work for your local industry.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies

You’re in luck because we come up with 11 tips to help you create the best real estate social media marketing strategy –

  1. Create or join real estate-related Facebook groups – Facebook is a great place to connect with people in your area and build a community. Real estate agents can join groups that specifically target people looking to buy or sell homes in their area and look for Facebook groups that target those people. You can create a group if there aren’t any already in your area. Post about it on your personal Facebook page and your real estate agent’s page and invite your current and past clients to join. Active listings can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Making connections with potential buyers via LinkedIn – The major purpose of LinkedIn is business-to-business networking, but it can also be an extremely powerful tool for your real estate social media marketing efforts. In the real estate industry, a lot of marketing is about building relationships and trust with homebuyers and sellers, so you should not rule out LinkedIn for your social media strategy. The best way to utilize LinkedIn for real estate social media marketing is to create and cultivate your agents’ brands. In the end, your real estate agents are the ones working directly with your clients, so you want them to be seen as industry experts, thought leaders, and trusted resources. Provide your real estate agents with helpful content, posting guidelines, and resources they can share on LinkedIn. In addition to networking with other real estate agents on LinkedIn, there are LinkedIn groups they can join to create new connections that can lead to new clients.
  3. Video is a powerful social media tool for real estate – Using videos effectively can be a key part of your real estate social media strategy. And, what better place to share and promote your videos than on social media? With programs like Home Buying War Stories, HGTV, and Netflix, it’s clear people are interested in home-buying content. I’m not currently in the process of buying a home, but I love looking through home tours on Instagram and Facebook – especially for homes in my area. Provide prospective clients with video interviews with your real estate agents, professional-quality home tours, and walkthroughs filmed on your phone so they can see the kinds of homes you’re selling, the services you offer, and Working with people who share your values is important.
  4. You can reach multiple goals with social media ads – Facebook and Instagram ads are a crucial aspect of a strong real estate social media marketing strategy. Without paid social media strategies, you can’t grow your following and reach new audiences. With Facebook ads for real estate, you’re able to target ads specifically for a marketing goal (and, btw, they’re also available on Instagram). You can use this feature to increase the effectiveness of your real estate Facebook marketing since you can run ads for different purposes simultaneously. Using three Facebook ad objectives as a starting point may help you drive leads through your newsletter, your Facebook ad campaign to promote an open house, and your Facebook boosted post-campaign for a news release. Put a little budget toward each of these goals, and you will be able to see which methods are most effective for generating results while increasing exposure for your real estate business and agents.
  5. Target your ads on social media specifically – In addition to allowing you to outline very specific and granular audiences for your social media ads, Facebook ads for real estate agents come with another benefit. To reduce your ad costs with a higher reach, you must be specific about who you are targeting. Your ideal clients are likely to have certain characteristics, such as location, income level, age, and so on. Use that information to set your Facebook ads’ targeting criteria. It is possible to create different audience targeting options for different Facebook ad goals and ad types. Understand what audience targeting is most effective when it comes to your real estate Facebook and Instagram ads.
  6. Socialize happy homeowner stories – The process of buying or selling a house is emotional and time-consuming. It is always amazing to see a story about how someone went through it and came out of it with a positive outlook. What better way to tell this story than with your clients? It is easy and effective to share client testimonials on social media. A picture of your satisfied clients accompanied by a short quote will get the word out. If you have videos of your clients describing the process, prospective clients will have an even better idea of working with you.
  7. Facebook & Instagram Lives – Among the cool features, you can test as part of your social media marketing strategy is going live. A live stream video on Facebook or Instagram allows users to engage with the content. Using Facebook or Instagram live, you can walk through houses, interview happy buyers after closing, or ask questions to them. The ability to go live allows your real estate agents to create and share content that engages your audience while building trust and awareness.
  8. Content creation & sharing on social media related to real estate – A real estate-related social media account is a great way to establish yourself as an expert and thought leader in the industry. People enjoy seeing helpful content, so you can become a trusted source. Share your website’s blog posts or posts from your website on your social media pages to educate your audience on common questions, moving tips, etc. If you wish to give your audience even more resources, you can curate content from other reliable and relevant sources.
  9. Using Facebook to build your agent’s online presence – Real estate agents need to have positive reviews. When you’re helping someone buy a large-budget and life-changing property, they want to trust the agent, and positive reviews can help. As an additional place for review collection and boosting your online reputation, your Facebook business page is a useful tool. Review old clients and share their reviews on your Facebook page.
  10. Use relevant hashtags and location tags – The use of hashtags and location tags can be beneficial to your real estate marketing through social media. To increase the chances of your post being seen, you can use the same hashtags that people in your area are using to search for houses in your area or to search for potential houses. As a further benefit, location tags will help you with real estate social media because people may be searching specifically for areas on Instagram or Facebook, and by including location tags, your posts will appear there. Local tags are valuable for seeing what people are doing in certain neighborhoods, what businesses are posting there, and what people are searching for in that area. You can tag specific cities or neighborhoods, depending on what people are searching for in your area.
  11. Achieve results-driven real estate social media strategies – To make sure you develop the best real estate social media marketing strategy, it’s important to analyze your audience on social media sites and notice what works and what doesn’t so you can refine and improve your approach. The good news is that Facebook and Instagram allow you to see demographic information about your audience. On Facebook, click People under the Insights tab. Tap Your Audience from your Instagram profile in the app. You can also find out which posts are working best for your audience using Facebook’s Insights tab. This will help you analyze and understand the types of posts that your audience responds to the most. Real estate social media marketing requires continuous analysis of the available data, which is where an expert firm can help.Social media marketing for real estate deals.

The right mix of content, engagement, and building a community with your clients and prospective clients makes social media a great marketing tool for your real estate business.

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