When most people think of summer camp, they think of kids running around playing games and making crafts. While this is definitely a big part of summer camp, there are also many other benefits that come with attending summer camp as a teen.  In this post, we’ll discuss the best age to go to summer camp and the benefits and activities for each age group. After reading this guide, go ahead and see these summer camps in Kansas City.

Types of summer camps

Do you remember the fun and freedom of going to summer camp as a kid? These days, there are many different types of summer camps to choose from, catering to kids of every age group. Here are the three most notable ones:

1. Day Camp

Day camps offer all the fun of a traditional summer camp, but with the added perk of your child being able to come home each night. This is perfect for kids who are too young for sleepaway camp or for parents who want to ensure their child gets a good night’s sleep.

2. Overnight Camps

Overnight summer camps offer a unique experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From swimming and hiking to arts and crafts, overnight camps offer a variety of activities tailored to each age group. While younger children can enjoy swimming and playing games, older kids can participate in more challenging activities like backpacking and rock climbing. What’s more, overnight camps provide an opportunity for children to form close relationships with their peers and counselors. These relationships often last well beyond the summer months.

3. Teen shop

If you’re a teenager, summer camp is the perfect way to make memories that will last a lifetime. Not only do you get to experience all the fun and excitement that summer camp has to offer, but you’ll also get to meet new people and build friendships that will last long after the summer is over. Teen camps offer activities that appeal specifically to adolescents, such as music classes, dance workshops, and team sports. They also offer a chance for teens to build independence and learn how to live away from home.

What is the best age to go to summer camp?

 5 years and below

Day camps are a great way for kids this age to experience camp without having to stay overnight. They’ll get to meet new friends, learn new things and participate in fun activities like swimming, hiking, and arts and crafts. Plus, day camps provide a safe environment where trained professionals can supervise your child.

Between 6 to 8 years old

Between 6 to 8 years old is a sweet spot for summer camp. You’re not too young, but you’re also not too old. And by this age, you’ve probably developed some skills and interests that you want to explore. Plus, this is the age when socializing starts to become really important. Going to summer camp will give your child the opportunity to make friends and learn how to get along with others in a group setting. There are plenty of different activities for kids this age. They can choose from things like arts and crafts, swimming, playing sports, and going on nature hikes. And if they’re feeling adventurous, they can even try out a new activity like rock climbing or zip-lining.

 Between 9 to 10 years old

The nine to ten age group is perfect for summer camp because they’re old enough to handle themselves and have a great time but young enough that they’re still making memories that will last a lifetime. Kids in this age group are able to take on more responsibility, whether it’s for their belongings, their hygiene, or their attitude. They’re also able to have more fun and get more out of the summer camp experience. Activities for this age group might include swimming, boating, hiking, horseback riding, and arts and crafts.

Between 11 to 14 years old

This age group has the perfect mix of independence and youth, making for an enjoyable and fun-filled camp experience. Additionally, this age group is still young enough to get excited about new experiences and make new friends, but they’re also old enough to handle some independence and take care of themselves. This is perfect for those who want to leave their kids at camp for a little while and know that they’ll be well taken care of. There are a variety of activities and programs available for kids in this age group, so you can find the perfect one that fits your child’s personality and interests. From sports to creative arts, there’s something for everyone.

 Between 15 to 17 years old

At this age, kids are typically out of middle school and not yet in college, so they have more free time to spend at summer camp. They’re also old enough to do more adventurous activities but young enough that they still appreciate the traditional camp experiences like making friends and swimming in a lake.

There isn’t a right answer regarding the best age to go to summer camp. Summer camps can benefit children of any age. As long as you can find a summer camp that offers age-appropriate activities, then you and your child are set.

By Manali