Many bus tours in Kentucky have Covington on their radar and there are many delightful reasons behind this. This neither too-large nor too-small city is just the perfect size for a leisurely trip. And you will enjoy truly authentic Americana here in the form of local, unique shops, restaurants, craft breweries, and bourbon bars.

Neighborhood Watch

Bus trips in Covington, KY, are all about walking tours that one can take once they get off the bus to explore. There are many inimitable neighborhoods here that just scream to be explored in detail.

You can start with downtown Covington, aka the Madison District. It extends from Madison Avenue to the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. This cathedral is modeled on the famous Notre Dame of Paris and its gorgeous interiors have to be seen to be believed. The highlight of this Catholic cathedral is its stained glass windows that were made in Germany.

Once you are done admiring the place, you can get your fill of local grub at the many nearby restaurants. Some famous names are Wunderbar, for pretzels, German food, and craft beer, and Olla Cov, for tacos, nachos, and margaritas.

Next, you can head over to the National Register’s designated Historic District of Mainstrasse Village. It dates back to the 19th century and you will find several original buildings still standing there today. What’s more, there are many boutique shops and art galleries here and loads of local dining options.

If you have children traveling with you, you can add Goebel Park to your itinerary. This has a kiddie playground and a true Covington attraction – a 100-foot-tall clock tower, a traditional German glockenspiel, whose official name is the Carroll Chimes Bell Tower.

Going Local

The benefit of taking bus tours surely is having the time to indulge oneself – and what better way to do that than imbibing the local liquor!

The Braxton Brewing Company is considered far and wide as one of the best breweries in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati Region. They launched in the Covington taproom, and you can sip on a beer in their rooftop lounge while feasting your orbs on the spectacular skylines of Covington and Cincinnati. 

If that just awakened your hunger pangs, head over straight to Agave & Rye. This is a local favorite and people flock here for tacos, elote and chips, and queso. To wash this down, there are interesting cocktails and divine tequilas.

Once you are stuffed to the gills, you can walk this off by taking a stroll on the Covington Riverwalk. You can spend a good time taking in the mesmerizing views of the Cincinnati skyline and the many bridges across the Ohio River.

By taking bus trips near me you can ensure the enjoyment of local flavors in their place of origin, immerse yourself in atmospheres different from the ones you are used to, and experience myriad fun activities. Plan a trip today and come back with lots of sweet memories!

By Manali