A car is a prized possession for all owners and everyone loves to make their car stand out or look special.

Car accessories tend to have that effect as they make the car look more polished and your car is always better with it.

There’s several different reasons to add car accessories to your shopping cart.

They might be for aesthetic reasons- like adding throw pillows and toys on the dashboard.

They might have a practical reason like cup holders and car fresheners.

Or, they can be for safety concerns.

We’ve curated a list of the most unique car accessories in all of these categories.

They’ll help elevate your car’s appearance and even functions, making them a great investment!

Tracking Device

Given the frequency and fatality of road accidents, you are always worried about your loved ones driving safely and reaching home on time. A tracking device is a great way to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

The device is simple, easy-to-use, and can be used from anywhere. It has the ability to track a car’s location in real time.

Phones may run out of charge or might not have location access in remote areas, but this car accessory is bound not to fail you.

Phone Holder

If you’re relying on your phone for navigation, or just want to listen to songs and have some fun, a good phone holder makes it easier to multitask when you’re driving alone. This is a great car accessory that’s both convenient, cost-effective and extremely useful.

Hanging Diffuser

No one likes a smelly car and with packs of chips, takeaways and dirty feet making the rounds of your car, it’s best to invest in a good car diffuser of your choice. They look like car jewelry and add an element of fun and freshness to your car.

Car Hooks

One of the most underrated car accessories, car hooks can help you organize the bags and boxes that would otherwise roll around in your car or take up some leg space. They’re a great addition to your car accessory collection and help your car look cleaner and more chic.

Car Desk

For those professionals who want to make the most of their time but cannot beat the boredom of commuting no matter how hard they try. A car desk is a great way to upgrade your car interiors and it helps serve a very important purpose.


If you love snacking while driving but hate littering, this car accessory is the perfect solution for you. It will help you dispose of empty wrappers and food packs without making your car look like a trash can. These are very helpful and very affordable as well.

Blind Spot Mirror

This is a very useful product that’s not only cost effective but provides great value for money. It helps drivers by providing a wider angle in the rear view mirror making it safer to drive. You can avoid shifting the mirror every now and then with this product. I highly recommend this car accessory for all drivers.

Customized Keychains

It’s the most cherished car accessory for a reason. It adds to your style quotient and is one of the most effective ways of adding your personal style to your driving experience. Customized keychains are classy and tend to go with all outfits making it a great choice for your car accessory. Look no further to shop keychain online and get the best quality product at the best deal right here.

Car Seat Cover for Pets

We all know that pets are an important part of the family. So if you want to travel with your furry friend, you’ve got to invest in the right car accessories for them. If your furry friend sheds a lot, you should totally get this car seat cover that will help you avoid the hassle of cleaning up after.

These unique car accessories are bound to make your ride more convenient and safe. So which ones are you ordering today?

By Manali