Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, baby showers, weddings, farewell, welcome, and what not, everything calls out for a celebration if you think about it. Just close your eyes and imagine any celebration happening. What do you see? Cakes, flowers, dancing, lots of food & drinks, and people. What’s a party without all this? Nothing, absolutely nothing. When you’re the one organizing the party, the responsibility of perfection always increases, you have to consider the liking and disliking of all the people that have been invited, you have to take care of the fact that the decorations done should go with the occasion, the food must taste good, there should be a variety of drinks according to everyone’s taste, and the music should be such that everyone can enjoy it easily. The pressure of perfection is an obvious thing to happen when you’re organizing a celebration for a special occasion. But sometimes, no matter what we do, something in our heads keeps telling us that this could have been better, and despite putting in all the effort, we end up feeling dissatisfied. You know what? Even this feeling is normal.

Let’s start with decorations, so the first part of the decoration is flowers, now say, you’re stuck in Delhi with work, the venue you’ve selected is in Gurgaon, what would you do? You’ll get online mother day flowers in Gurgaon. Problem solved. The problem is solved because these days, online flower delivery services have gotten a notch higher when it comes to delivering what’s demanded. They ensure that they deliver the best quality of flowers for whatever occasion you have asked them for.

Flower delivery has become so advanced in the entire world that if you’re sitting in France, you can get flower delivery in Bhopal done, or if you’re sitting in Delhi, you can choose flowers and send them to someone sitting in Egypt. These services are in a literal role. Though it is convenient, it is also confusing sometimes, so many options to choose from, so many different occasions, we sometimes stick to the basic ones and get the work done, but do we end up feeling satisfied? No. Because somewhere, that’s not what we wanted precisely.

Be it online flower delivery or be it online cake delivery, we have to be very careful with what we are choosing, especially if we are sending both together as a combo. Did you ever notice harmony in a cake and flower bouquet combo? If no, then there is. A perfectly matching cake and flower bouquet increases the intensity of the two and becomes even more special for the person you’re presenting or sending it to. Here’s some help. Below are the combo options for different occasions you’re willing to send a cake and flower bouquet combo to. Refer to these whenever you’re having a hard time deciding: 

  1. The Red Velvet Rose: Red velvet cake and a bouquet of red roses is the perfect combination if you want to present it to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, or your wife on their birthday or your wedding anniversary. This combo talks about love and romance and how they are such sweet feelings together. Rose is the epitome of love, and red velvet cake is the most romantic cake. You can even combine a bouquet of red roses with a strawberry cheesecake, which could work wonders too, totally up to your and your partner’s taste.
  1. The Pillow Daisy: Take a bouquet of yellow daisies and a pineapple-flavored cake. The combo works best if it’s your friend’s birthday. The pineapple cake has a diverse taste, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, just like friendships. It gives a little taste of the ups and downs together, ultimately tasting the best. The yellow daisies are so bright and vibrant that they exude tsunamis of positivity and happy-go-lucky vibes. This cake and bouquet option is never going to fail.
  1. The White Vanilla: This combo would go for the office or professional environment if a colleague has gotten a promotion or is leaving the company and you’re giving them a farewell, or if they’ve retired, then the combo of a vanilla-flavored cake and a bouquet of white lilies is what you should opt for. This combo speaks about respect, purity of the bond shared, sophistication, respect, and good luck. Pick this combo for an official occasion blindly.
  1. The Chocolate Pampas: A combo of chocolate cake and brown stems of fluffy Pampas grass (which look nothing short of flowers) is the most appropriate combo for attending an occasion of a house get-together. Presenting this combo to the host would be considered gentle, considerate, and respectful. Pampas look very sophisticated and rich, and the chocolate cake, well, who doesn’t like a chocolate cake? Go for it without doubting for the second time.

A combo says a lot about you and your feelings compared to just flowers or just a cake alone. A combo binds your thoughts and feelings together, ties them in a package, and delivers it to the person close to you. A connection between the flowers and cakes should have harmony, and they should be in sync, so much that the other person knows at the exact second that you have put in the effort to think and choose. It’s a kind gesture, so why not just do it. 

By Manali