Home decoration is a fun, creative, and above all, relaxing activity. It can become a hobby and come up with new decorative items every time. When we talk about decoration, we very often mean the do-it-yourself business. In this port, we offer you 5 tutorials to make a DIY pillow. The pillow is an element present in every room of the house, excluding the kitchen and the bathroom. With such a simple element, we can change the look and style of furniture.

DIY pillow

Making a DIY pillow is not difficult at all. Some skill with needle and thread is required. After all, it would help if you had fabric and design ideas to your liking. The design of the cushion must decide based on the style of furniture. There is no shortage of ideas with floral and heart motifs.

Furthermore, in the DIY pillow images with tutorials, we show you how to create one with a particular shape and use different and specific materials. The pillow can be a decorative element for your living room, bedroom, and bedroom. In addition to having the decorative feature, it is an efficient and functional element intended to improve our rest drawings.

Tutorial to Make a DIY Pillow by Hand

DIY pillow without zipper

The zipper is an element that we can very often see on pillow covers. Having the body is given practicality and simplicity in the arrangement of the bed or sofa. But when we talk about a DIY pillow, it is advisable to opt for one without the zipper since fixing it becomes an increasingly suitable job for a seamstress. Here is a small tutorial on making a pillow with a two-tone heart print.

If you are looking to bring some fun and color to your home décor, look no further as we have the DIY outdoor pillows decorated with pompoms! If you follow the trends, you will undoubtedly know that pompoms are popping up everywhere! And you won’t believe how easy it is to make this super cute and seamless! All you need are colorful cushion covers, some wadding, some craft supplies, and of course, the pompoms!


· Colorful cushion covers of various shapes

· Wadding

· Scissors

· Fabric glue

· Clothes pegs

· Wool thread


1. First, you need to prepare the pompoms. Take a wool thread of the same color as the pompoms. Glue the pompoms onto the yarn.

2. Glue the thread on the sides of the lining. Secure with wooden clothespins and let the glue dry.

3. Remove the clothespins and insert the cotton wool inside the cover. To decide how much wadding to insert, follow your preferences based on whether you like a soft pillow or a harder one.

DIY Pillow by Hand

Another idea for a seamless DIY pillow

Warm that special someone with a beautiful and soft heart-shaped pillow. Knotted with love! The perfect craft project for kids because no sewing is required. A few simple cuts and knots are all the skills needed to make this DIY heart-shaped pillow. Children and teenagers can make their unique pillows to decorate their room or give to a friend or loved one.


· Fleece fabric with measures 40 cm long and 125 cm wide

· Brooches

· Wadding

· Scissors

· Heart-shaped stencil


1. First, you need to prepare the heart-shaped stencil. Cut out the two parts as shown in the following images.

2. Fold the fabric in half and cut at the fold. You should have two pieces that measure approximately 40cm x 60cm. One-piece will be the front, and one piece will be the back.

3. Fold each piece of fabric in half, making sure to fold with the right sides together. Perform the following operations by attaching the paper stencil with pins to the fleece for both front and back fabrics.

4. Pin the outer heart pattern onto the folded fabric, aligning the center with the folded fabric line. Cut along the external outline of the paper heart.

5. Place the inner paper heart piece in the space of the outer heart piece and attach it to the fabric. Then remove the outer part of the paper heart.

6. Now, stack the front and back pieces on top of each other. Cut 1.5 cm strips in all layers of fabric around the paper heart as a fringe.

7. Remove the paper template. Open the two fabric heart pieces and overlap them with the wrong sides. Then pin the head and end sections together.

8. Gently knot each matching strip (front and back), joining the two pieces of fabric. Stop twisting the strips when only a 5 cm opening remains.

9. Fill the pillow with cotton wool.

10. Close the 5 cm gap by knotting the last remaining pieces of the strip.

DIY pillow tutorial

As you have seen from the pictures and tutorials above, it is not difficult to make the pillows by hand. The next idea is a little more complicated than the others but undoubtedly original and truly beautiful. The skills required are few but very particular. But for what we see, what you will need. The wooden frame is optional, proper to support better the frame on which to insert the wool threads with a specific needle. These are the materials to make the decoration of a sofa cushion. The wool threads can be of different colors but the same thickness. Return the stencil design to the canvas and start sewing with the needle.

Special handmade cushions

Here is a proposal to make a lovely pillow with a knot design by hand. In the images, you will also find the steps you should take for the node in question. Again, the steps are simple, but we used the sewing machine to do it in this case. We recommend using ones like those used for dance costumes and swimwear with that shiny and slippery touch to touch for the fabric. Cut out the material layers and bind them. Insert the wadding and close. Proceed with the knot.

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