All Aries Birthstone individuals are aware of the basic information concerning to the gemstone. But we are revising some key points for those who are still unaware of the basic tips related to the Aries stone. We will also share advance knowledge having concern with the current technological aspects.

Aries Birthstone dates are from 21 March to 19 April of every year. So, there are two gemstones that are belonging to the Aries zodiac signs. The first stone is in the month of March from 21st March to 31st March. Second birthstone is April gemstone with range of dates from 1st April to 19th April.

Basic Knowledge about Aries Birthstone

The zodiac system starts from Aries with sign of RAM and element FIRE. RAM is one of the animals that attacks on others and protects itself with its head. It means, it’s whole energy lies in its head.

Aries Birthstone Month of March: Aquamarine

The entire beauty of the Aquamarine is due to its dynamic color that is variable in tone from greenish to blue tones and to some extent mixture of both. The dynamic color tones are light greenish blue, greenish blue and strong greenish blue. But the market capturing aquamarine is dark blue.

The popular March Aries Birthstone among the customers is greenish natural color. The stone is treated with heat to display blue hues in it.

Clarity Factor for Aquamarine

Multi-dimension Aquamarine are entirely clean. In some stones liquid inclusions are visible. The stone with visible inclusions are preferred in the fashion in the form of beads, cabochons or craving.

Potential Attribute of March Aries Birthstone

With March Aries Birthstone bearers feel protected in dangerous voyages and battles. It transforms the negative energy of the owner into positive energy.

April Aries Birthstone: Diamond

April Aries Birthstone is Diamond. People love to purchase the gemstone due to its attractive color tones. The Aries Birthstone Color in white tones has the highest market value. But mineral and colorless diamond is very rare without inclusions and blemishes. With extra effort, you can have one out of thousands. Diamond is available in the market in all colors but diamond in black color is also very rare.

Commercial Application of Diamond

No doubt, it is one of the hardest stone in the market, so it has its application in mining, cutting of glasses and polishing the valuable products.

Diamond is entering in the Information Technology industry as it is very good replacement of semiconductor chips. Efficiency of diamond is comparatively higher than semiconductor material in microchips.

Role of Carat in Diamond

Carat is unit of weight for diamond. According to a defined scale one Carat is divided into one hundred equal points. A single point also affects the price of the diamond. Always consider weight and size of the Aries birthstone two different entities.

Role of Cut in Diamond

Cut is important factor that also determines the price of the gemstone. With ideal Cut a diamond gemstone produces high level sheen and light is refracted, reflected and dispersed at the highest rate with ideal Cut.

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