If you’re looking to pay less for content, then splitting your subscriptions is a great way to go.

With the growing popularity of video streaming, several companies provide different services and allow you to purchase them separately or together in a package deal where you can even split accounts between your friends and family members.

It’s not always easy for an average consumer with little knowledge on the topic to decide which option is best for him, so we have provided some helpful information on the matter.

Are you stuck between deciding on what streaming service to choose? Read this article for the top ten tips on choosing a Streaming Service Subscription Provider.

1. Consider Your Needs

The first thing you need to do is assess your needs. What type of content do you want to watch? What are your favorite shows and movies? Which providers offer the content that you’re interested in?

2. Access Content From Your Favorite Franchises And Genres

It is more of an initial selling point than anything else, but it helps with knowing that you will find all the content you love and want to watch. 

For instance, if you’re a fan of Harry Potter movies, subscribing to the streaming service that provides all Harry Potter movies would benefit you.

3. Check Their Pricing

For one, you will want to consider how much does each service cost and if they offer packages that save you money. Secondly, there is a difference between free services and ones that charge.

 Many non-profit-based services provide content for free; however, what you watch can be limited sometimes, or sponsored advertisements may disrupt your viewing experience.

4. Check For Add-Ons And Extras

Every business will provide exclusive extras to entice you to stay with them. These features include access to certain content or consumer surveys that they alone offer.

Others give discounts on shopping sites or movie ticket websites.

5. Understand the Price Difference

Some streaming services provide a lower price for an extra service. It could be because they want to add more content or better material quality.

In some cases, you only can use their add-on when you’re a member. Therefore, it’s pointless not to go with them if that’s what you need.

6. Read Reviews And Look At What Other People Have To Say

It is a perfect way of coming up with a decision as it will allow you to learn from others’ mistakes.

For example, if people claim that they’re not getting their money’s worth, then read into what they’re saying and find out why that is.

7. Ask About Additional Fees

Some companies may charge for the shipping of their related products to earn more money. You want to find out beforehand so that it doesn’t come as a surprise when you receive an extra bill.

8. Find Out About The Streaming Service’s Device Compatibility

You don’t want to choose a company that only has compatibility with specific devices. That will mean having to buy additional equipment at an extra cost so that you can watch your shows.

9. Availability of the Streaming Service

If you want a specific streaming service, but they’re not available in your area, then you might as well forget it.

Not all streaming services are available worldwide. Some may be limited to specific regions or countries, so make sure that you check beforehand and see if the company’s service is available where you live.

10. Get a Free Trial

With any purchase, it’s good to look into what the company is offering and expecting of you before committing.

Some streaming services offer trials for their customers or allow them to cancel at any time without penalty fees. That is why you want to list everything that a company offers and compare them to each other.


In general, the most critical factors in choosing a streaming service are its price and compatibility with devices you already own. 

It means that before making a final decision, make sure to take these two things into account as much as possible.

So, what’s the verdict? If you’re looking for a streaming service that is affordable and compatible with your devices, then Netflix or Hulu are good options.

However, if you want more content and don’t mind paying a little extra each month, then Amazon Prime Video may be the better choice for you.

So, which streaming service is the best for you? As we’ve seen, it depends on what’s important to you. If price and compatibility are your main priorities, then Netflix or Hulu may be a good fit for you.

But if you want access to tons of extra content beyond the original programming available on those platforms, then Amazon Prime Video or Hotstar might be better options.

And finally, if affordability is your number one concern, SPLIT&CHILL should be your go-to choice to get these subscriptions at lowest price!

By Manali