When shopping for the best sleeping bags for ladies, the sheer number of brands that are available in the market will make it confusing to choose the best. Some of the things that you will require to be looking at are the size, the type of fabric, sleepwear and warmth combinations, the position of the zip, and the tog rating, among others.

This review should help you make a decision when looking for the best kid’s sleeping bag.

1. Marmot Banzai Trestles 35

This brand makes an amazing choice when going out for kids who are up to four feet tall. A great choice for trekking, camping, and backpacking among others.  It’s got a full-length two-way zipper and a second fold-down zipper that allows for easy access by the parent. The anti-snag construction is amazing and makes it safe for your child, especially during the night. You will appreciate the comfort that is offered by the available lining, the durable fabric and the internally positioned stash pockets which you can use to handle a few important personal effects. It’s available in color combinations for the Unisex.

2. Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 40

Morrison Outdoors is perfect for children from 6 months to two years old. They have internal space where a child who is up to 137cm can fit quite well. For every size, there is a version, and also there is a synthetic version. For most people, the option which makes use of synthetic insulation has become more attractive. The close sleeves are adjustable, and this helps to ensure that your young one can have hands free while awake, and can get tugged away snugly while asleep. You can control the internal ventilation using the two-way zipper, so you can zip it fully or less fully depending on the level of warmth that you desire for your child every night.

3. Kelty Kids Mistral 20

This sleeping bag for children is in two versions and offers world-class insulation. Of the two versions, one is lighter than the other and serves the needs of children who are 5 feet tall. Every version is available in a combination of two cool colors. You will find the design to be amazingly child-friendly, and the materials which have been used in its construction are the strongest. When it’s time to move, you can compress it to fit into a small bag. It’s among the best movable choices that are available. In case you have twins, this sleeping bag also provides enough space for them. The foot box is spacious and good enough for the restless little angels.

4. REI Co-op Kindercone 25

This one is among the few sleeping bags that can be adjusted along as your child grows. It’s ingeniously designed, and it’s also durable. The inside is comfortable, and you will have something that proves to be incredibly comfortable for your child. The coil zipper allows for ventilation of the leg section, while the hood is also fully adjustable by using a drawcord. The gray exteriors and pink interiors make it an attractive choice.

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