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With a population of 2.8 million individuals, Quetta stands as one of the fifth largest cities in Pakistan. It is famously known for the wide range of fruits that it grows. However, recently it has come under attention for the multiple housing projects being constructed in the city. Here are a few ongoing projects in Quetta. There are many commercial properties in Lahore Smart City.

Qasim Bagh Town

Qasim Bagh town is built on Sumungli Road and near Baleli and Quetta International Aiport. It is spread over 40 acres of land and has different plots, including 5,7, and 10 marla plots. Qasim Bagh town is one of Quettas’ most luxurious living areas. Along with being a gated community, it has 24/7 camera surveillance, making it a secure living environment. Moreover, this housing society has its tube wells to provide clean water to its residents and have a smooth supply of gas. Special features of Qasim Bagh Town include its community hall, a grand mosque, parks, and a graveyard. The best aspect of this dwelling society is that it allows you to purchase plots on a three-year installment program. This makes financing easier, especially for those living on low incomes.

DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta is located on RCD highway Quetta near the Quetta International airport. It is located in the center of the city and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. DHA is a project of the armed forces. Senior members of the armed forces manage it. DHA already exists in several cities of Pakistan, including Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

Moreover, DHA Quetta is working with ProMag, a consulting company, and has big projects under their name, both national and international, including the Emaar buildings in Karachi. DHA Quetta promises its residents a high living standard by providing several facilities. It is a gated community to ensure that it is safe and keep the crime rate at its minimum. Moreover, the city has been divided into several sectors to make management easier. DHA Quetta has all the features required to make it an ideal living location. Their previous projects stand as a testament to this claim.

Garden town Quetta

Garden town Quetta is located on Bareli road, and it is near the western Bypass. It has several housing societies near it, including the Qasim Bagh town. Garden town Quetta is a Bazai Engineering and Builders project, a well-established real estate company with several successful projects under their name. Garden town Quetta has been approved by the Quetta Development authority, making it a safe outlet for investment. This housing society allows easily accessible hence allowing residents to stay connected with the city. The master plan has been developed by experts in their field and holds years of experience. Furthermore, maps of the sectors have been published and can be viewed online on their website. Despite being one of the most luxurious housing societies, plots in garden town are reasonably priced.

Quetta Avenue

Quetta Avenue is being constructed near the Pak-Turk school on Spinny Road. Quetta Avenue provides several facilities to its residents. If you have lived in Pakistan, you have probably been a victim of the constant load shedding. Quetta Avenue promises a load-shedding free community with a tranquil water and gas supply. Moreover, Quetta Avenue aims to be environmentally friendly and make itself a green city, promoting nature. Quetta Avenue has secured a NOC and is now registered as a legal housing society. Therefore unlike other housing societies that open bookings beforehand and then later fail to get approval, your investments in Quetta Avenue will stay safe. There are different sizes of plots available that you can choose based on what best suits you, including 5,6, and 12 marlas. Along with residential plots, there are several commercial plots that you can also purchase. Not only is this housing society an excellent residential area, but it also serves as a good investment opportunity as its value has constantly been increasing with time. Do you know residential plots in Rudn Enclave?


The housing societies listed above are regarded as the best projects in Quetta. However, before investing in any of these projects, it is important that you do your research and carries out a market analysis.

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