It is no secret that Karachi is regarded as the economic hub of Pakistan. Recently the real estate sector has experienced a boom, with activity reaching its all-time high. This makes Karachi an ideal property investment as it promises a high return on your investment. Here are some of the best areas to invest in. for example investment in Blue World  City.

DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi is located near Clifton and is managed by the defense housing authority and the cantonment board Clifton (CBC). DHA was primarily made for armed forces members but later became open to the general public. Due to its excellent management and planning, DHA Karachi has made its mark in the real estate world. According to data, the majority of the people in Karachi prefer buying a house in DHA. DHA gives its residents a living standard that had not been present in Karachi. It has wide roads for proper waste management and offers its residents a clean and green environment.

Unlike other neighborhoods, the authorities of DHA did not let the area deteriorate. Due to its strict rules and proper implementation, it has maintained its standard. It is counted as the posh area of Karachi. To make management more accessible, it has been divided into 8 phases connected with a vast network of roads making each phase accessible. Due to all these factors, the value of plots in DHA continuously rises, making it an ideal investment. Since DHA comes under the army’s control, you do not have to worry about the properties being declared illegal as all of them are already approved.

Bahria town Karachi

Bahria town is regarded as one of Pakistan’s best real estate companies. In a short time, it has managed to make its mark due to its futuristic approach and excellent planning. It tops the list as the most luxurious housing society in Pakistan, giving its residents a taste of premium living. Bahria town Karachi is located near the motorway which connects Hyderabad and Karachi. The owner of Bahria town Karachi is Malik Riaz Hussain. He is also the owner of the Bahria towns in Lahore and Islamabad, including other projects such as the Bahria icon tower in Karachi. Malik Riaz Hussain’s journey from rags to riches is probably the nation’s favorite success story.

Bahria town Karachi is a gated community and has 24/7 camera surveillance to ensure a safe place for its residents. It is constructing the 3rd largest Mosque globally and an international standard theme park, which will be the first of its kind in Pakistan. It has one of the enormous replicas of the Eifel tower, along with Pakistan’s first dancing fountain. Bahria town Karachi brings an international standard living experience absent in Pakistan. Along with being popular domestically, it has attracted a good amount of foreign investment.

Scheme 33, Karachi

Scheme 33 is also known as Gulzar-e-Hijri and is managed by the city district government of Karachi. This area is located in the center of the city near University road. Several housing societies are located in this area, including Memon Nagar, Lawyer’s colony, and many others. Scheme 33 is divided into 54 communities to make management more accessible and efficient. It is spread over a vast land area and can have 293 housing societies within it.

This area has become increasingly popular among investors, and several projects are under construction here. Plots in these areas are affordable, and there are several installment programs that you can benefit from to make payment easier. Above all, scheme 33 provides several facilities to its residents. It has transportation facilities and a commercial area located nearby. Buy commercial properties in Park View City.


The localities located above are one of the top-listed areas of Karachi. However, before purchasing anything, you must do all the relevant research to avoid making the wrong investment. Hiring a real estate agent makes the process easier as, along with providing valuable advice, they are also responsible for carrying out the majority of the work.

By Manali