Do you often take your kids for road trips? Do you like to work from different settings such as the park or the beach? What about having a delicious dinner on your couch while watching your favorite movie? Then we have the perfect item for you: a lap tray. This is actually one of those gadgets that can’t be missing on any household, simply because literally everyone can benefit from it, from the youngest to the oldest can enjoy their regular activities  in a more comfortable way, and thus be more productive. Plus, lap trays act as a great support in order to keep a correct posture, preventing a number of body injuries in your eyes, neck, shoulders, just to mention a few. 

Once you get your lap tray, you won’t need to worry about your children accidentally making a mess by throwing the food on the couch, and you can choose with more freedom where you want to stay when working from home, having the chance to take your things nearly anywhere. In this article we brought you 10 awesome lap tray ideas that will serve you as inspiration for your next purchase, so keep reading and get ready for your dream lap tray.

1. Bamboo Folding Breakfast Lap Tray

This stylish lap tay is your go to if you are looking for a simple, portable idea.  This one is perfect for a cozy breakfast in bed.

2. Beam mini Lap Tray

An amazing idea to spend a pleasant evening with your favorite snacks on your couch. The willow wood surface is fastened to the cotton beanbag, making it a great option if you are looking for a lap tray with cushion.

3. The option for coffee lovers

This Cute option has a space to hold your cup of coffee or favorite drink, which can be very handy if you plan to spend a long time working on your laptop.

4. Are you a night owl?

This super cute lap tray comes with a built-in lamp that will make your work easier if you get your it done at night.

5. Think of your little one

It is a great idea to get a fun model for your children. These kinds of trays will usually be lightweight and smaller, adapting to your kids’ needs.

6. Large Wood Lap Desk

If you are a home office worker, you will definitely love this larger design, which makes it possible to add more tools you may need for your work without being worried about the space.

7. Make the best out of your space

This creative design makes it possible to store more things in your lap tray while keeping your surface free.

8. Personalize your items with a photo

Another great idea is to decide the color, add a picture and text to your lap tray, and some stores offer this option.

9. Keep it simple

The minimalist design of this beautiful lap tray is very comfortable to work on your sofa while keeping your laptop cool.

10. Road trip essential

This amazing portable design is very cute and the perfect idea to keep your child comfortable and entertained as you travel.

By Manali

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