Have you ever what life below sea level feels like? Maybe you have been waiting for an opportunity to hop on a submarine and sail away. The thought of leaving this stressful land to explore the wonders beneath the waves is very tempting, however, not many people know what it feels like to live in a submarine. If you want to know more about life under the seas, then you need to know about the life of submarine officers.

Submarine officers are in charge of all submarine operations, from supervising the reactor, to running of the ship in port and at sea. They are the heart of the vessel and the sea is their home. I know you might be craving for a life at sea, but there’s more to life on a submarine than what you may think. Have you ever wondered what it’s like living on a submarine? What food do they eat? Where do they sleep? Well, I’ll give you a tip; before going on your first voyage on a submarine, eat light food, get a top rated mattress topper, and good bedsheets because it’s going to be an unforgettable ride. So if you have set your mind on this career path, then you need to know some interesting facts about submarine officers, and luckily for you, I’ve compiled 5 interesting facts about submarine officers you didn’t know.

1. Life in a submarine is divided into 3 six-hour segments

The life of a submarine officer is far from the normal life you had at home. One of the hardest adjustment you’ll have to make is the 3 part six-hour routine. All crew members on the submarine get 6 hours free time, 6 hours on watch, and 6 hours for sleeping.

2. Training benefits for Submarine officer

Even before heading into the submarine, there are many benefits you can enjoy while undergoing the Nuclear Propulsion officer candidate program. Below are a few of the benefits you will receive if you get accepted into the program: 

  • A 1-time sign-on bonus of $15,000 and an additional $2,000 bonus upon completion of the training.
  • $4,000 monthly salary for up to 30 months before graduation
  • Military health care benefits throughout the program.

3. Gyms and Workout Area on the Submarine

Living on a submarine can be boring, that’s why many submarines come with a gym and workout area, so officers can have a space for relaxation and workouts. It helps in keeping the crew members in shape and focused.

4. Earn a Dolphin Pin on the Submarine 

Earning a dolphin pin is one of the biggest honors for submarine officers. It is a massive source of pride for officers living on a submarine. Every crew member on the sub aims at getting one, but it’s not so easy to obtain. To get a dolphin pin, you must have basic knowledge of how the submarine functions, and how to utilize the sub as a weapon. If you’re sure you know everything, then you can go for a test which will be supervised by your commanding officers. 

5. You’ll live around Nukes and missiles

Living in a submarine can be exciting, but be prepared to also share some space with highly destructive weapons. Submarines usually come with Torpedoes, missiles, advanced ballistic, and even nuclear warheads, so you better get used to living close to them.

By Manali

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